One account to rule them all, one account to find them, one account to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

If you didn’t catch the reference it’s from Lord of the Rings about the [One Ring].

I have this dilemma. I thought I had the solution, but the solution has slowly become the problem. So I have my account “miltownkid.” I’ve always looked at miltownkid as the online extension of my offline self. That worked fine until [a video on YouTube that went viral] nailed me into the minds of thousands of people as a funny/crazed Xbox 360 gamer. I didn’t fight it. I just kind of rolled with it. I tried my best to keep the audience that discovered and created “me” (well… me on YouTube) by doing my best to make gaming videos, fill requests and stay more funny than not.

Then, to try to keep the miltownkid YouTube account filled with “miltownkid style videos” I started making other accounts. How many other accounts? Lets see how many come to mind:

  • PwningLife – The idea I had for a series of videos, now a book, community and series of videos
  • emKid001 – This was my “vlog” channel
  • CaseyPayneMKE – A channel where I could “let my hair down.” I just made this a month or two ago
  • MilTownKlan – The idea for an international syndicate of digital ninja warriors
  • SocialMilwaukee – I made a website too. Something to review all the social (media) things in Milwaukee.
  • MyDeadXbox – Something for the gamers. There’s a community as well.
  • HouziKing – A place to keep my Chinese fresh. I haven’t used it in a long while.
  • iCanTweet – I was going to make a place for teaching newbies Twitter skills.

I’m sure that’s not all of them either. This habit has also shown it’s face on Twitter (I have several accounts there as well).

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Where do I begin… I’ve long planned on being “rich and famous.” The thing about it is it was never my intention to accrue the fame and riches through some kind of [“E-fame.”] This YouTube stuff is a “mistake.” That said, it’s been a wave of a mistake that I’ve been riding for a year or two now. I stopped studying economics and started studying marketing. I stopped watching TV and started watching YouTube. I’ve made friendships with people all over the world who I’ve never met in person… Weird stuff.

I’m feeling an end of one chapter of life and a beginning of another. It’s been over 6 months that I’ve gotten by via the kindness of friends and family, working one or two nights a week as a bouncer and my monthly check from Google (which isn’t enough to brag about 😉 ). That lifestyle ended last week when I moved my desktop computer into the [Integrated New Media] offices to work on their social media division, leaving me with no computer and internet at home. Next week I’ll be putting in work on three separate barter exchange systems [Ormita], [Wisecos] and [Timebanks].

Those two things are enough, but I also want to start up Chinese classes, expand on my Taichi Push Hand classes, put serious work into a book and help manage a Milwaukee based brand’s online presence.

I have a feeling that the lifestyle I’d grown accustomed to (managing multiple accounts and posting frequent videos on them) is coming to an end…

One Account To Bind Them

I feel like I’m coming around full circle from where I started. I still have a ton of things I want to share and I think I’m going to share them under the miltownkid name. Pwning Life, economics lessons, Chinese lessons, rants, silly things, push hands lessons/instructions, thoughts on Daoism, gaming, rants about the City of Milwaukee all of it = miltownkid.

It feels odd having gone through so many different hoops, tried so many different things and started so may different accounts to finish it all and say “You know what? I think I’ll just stick to doing it all on my miltownkid account.”

I think what happened is there was a time when I played with the idea of making miltownkid something that wasn’t miltownkid. Turn him into a 100% video gaming badass that keeps his pimp hand strong 24/7. The reality of miltownkid (me) is that I’m only a video gaming badass that keeps my pimp hand strong about 95% of the time. 😉

I really felt a need to do as much as I could to satisfy my viewing audience. The audience that encouraged me to make more videos, share more of myself and keep on keeping on. Even if a lot of them like 100% badass version of miltownkid and don’t like the “5% of realness.” Well… I think, starting tomorrow, I’m just going to do what I do how I want to do it on my miltownkid account.

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4 Responses to One account to rule them all, one account to find them, one account to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

  1. Bobstar93 says:

    itll be easier to do it all on 1 account and btw i keep my pimp hand strong 24/7 lol

  2. Mario says:

    as i said on twitter, as long as you keep making videos will be cool, im sure many of us will miss them if you stop, take care casey 😉

  3. DollaBillz says:

    That’s what you should have been doing in the first place. All those accounts, a new website every week, not necessary, lol.

    Looks like it took a regular job to give you that realistic perspective I’ve been whining about, lol.

  4. miltownmom says:

    You’re mind might go a thousand miles an hour, but the body can only do so much. Hope you focus a more on what you need instead of what your video audience needs. I know the landlord would like to see a little more rent coming in 🙂

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