Give New Followers A “Twinterview”

I’m basically going to elaborate on [an update I just posted to Twitter]:

When followed, give people a 140 character “Twinterview” before following them back. šŸ˜‰

I’ve been doing A LOT of experimenting with Twitter over the last couple months. I’ve done some “black hat” research (ie gaming the system), setup multiple accounts (including one I use STRICTLY for personal/mobile Tweeting, [CaseyPayne]) and [“pretended” to be the CityofMilwaukee] (although I’ve exposed myself now. šŸ™‚ .)

I only mention this because it’s all of this research that has led me to discovering the “Twinterview.”

What is a Twinterview?

It’s simple. Whenever I get new followers (that aren’t [spambots], those get blocked) I take a look at their profile. If I can’t figure out how/why they started following me, or if I’m just generally curious about something I send them an @ reply.

Basically I have 140 characters to interview them, and depending on the response I get back (if any) I’ll follow them or… Know a little bit more about a new PERSON that watches my stream of digital consciousness.

What made me start “Twinterviewing”?

Well, after all of my experimenting was done, I decided to unfollow everyone (way [before it was trendy to do so]. šŸ˜‰ ) I unfollowed everyone because I realized that the way the “pros” were using Twitter was a bunch of BULLSHIT, and since they were the “pros”/experts everyone was doing what they were doing (or trying to, damn monkey see monkey do) without really thinking about the ramifications (a crappy Twitter experience of the average user).

Anyhow, after I unfollowed everyone I went through all of my followers and hand picked the ones I knew personally and who also didn’t do any kind of extensive updating (I’m not a huge fan of that, I love your books, but I can’t follow you Twitter [Guy] šŸ˜‰ .) Then every time I got a new follower, I would check out their profile and try to figure out who they were and why they were following me. Sometimes my research has me just follow back right away (although I still like to shoot a quick @ reply saying why), other times I need to know a little more about them so, in 140 characters I try to construct a message that will invoke a response that will give me the necessary information about whether I should follow them or not.

Done this way I’ve been able to give up using TweetDeck (for now, it’s time will come) and have a better Twitter experience solely using the web client.

We’re Humans, Not Numbers

I guess I have a leg up on everyone because of my experience with [YouTube]. I’ve watched people on YouTube try every which way possible to increase the number of subscribers they have (the same way people try to increase the number of followers they have on Twitter.) I never played that game. Instead my game was “How can I increase the number of people I authentically interact with through this medium they call ‘Youtube’ and keep things manageable enough so I can still start a business, drink beer and have a girlfriend.” šŸ˜€

Everything’s new, so it’s hard for people to understand what’s going on. Basically, it’s not how many followers/subscribers you have. [It’s how collectively strong their pimphand is.] šŸ˜‰ This is true whether your one guy ranting about video games, or a company trying to strengthen their brand and make sales around this concept.

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3 Responses to Give New Followers A “Twinterview”

  1. miltownmom says:

    I just have a twitter account. The only time I’ve used twitter is to send a message to my baby boy because I usually get a response. I just don’t invest the time exploring all this stuff because it just doesn’t interest me that much right now:)

  2. Tim says:

    Well said. Very well said.

  3. schikowski says:

    This is actually a really nice idea I might try out myself!

    I think Guy Kawasaki isn’t following anymore.


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