Reality Fields – Understanding Them Unlocks All Doors

Reality Fields
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[Tony Robbin’s TEDTalk (Some badassness for ya!)]

For the record, the stuff I’m sharing here is stuff I’ve only recently become comfortable making more public. I find it interesting how public people think I am because I put videos on YouTube and seem expose myself all over the place. Oh the secrets I have… lol

Note: I apologize for any grammatical errors/spelling mistakes that might make things harder to understand. I wrote this post last night at around 4:30 because I couldn’t sleep due to the pain I was experiencing from a toothache ([I blogged about that too!] lol)… 😛

Reality Fields

Above, there is a video and a picture. If you watch the video I attempt explain what they’re all about. If you keep reading I’ll do the same thing.

First I’ll start with the Green Ring. That ring represents what you’re REAL reality is right now. What I mean by that is what is possible for you to achieve within a set length of time (a day, week, month, year, etc.). So if (for example) someone approached you and said “I want you to totally remodel as many houses as you can in 3 months time.” (Not you alone, but using your knowledge, money, resources and network). It’s practically impossible to figure out, but there is a real number of houses that you can do (leveraging your network, etc.) Lets say you make some phone calls, get people excited, get volunteers, raise some money, and BOOM get 10 houses done. Impressive. Now what you’re able to do and what [Donald Trump] would be able to do are going to be two totally different numbers. It seems like positive thinking gurus will attempt to get you to believe that “Anything is possible,” therefor you could potentially get as many or more done as Mr. Trump and I agree with them to an extent, but… Lets keep it simple for now. Generally speaking, Donald Trump’s present reality field is going to be larger than yours. It becomes even more apparent when you shorten the time (to perhaps a day). Things get fuzzy when you stretch it out (especially with the internet)…

So that’s the green circle. I used houses and three months, but you could use any number of combination of things. How much money could you raise for charity in a week. How far could you run in a day. etc.

The red and blue circles are your perceived realities. Red being a reality that is actually seen as being less influential than it really is (pessimism). The blue circle being one that is seen to be more influential than it really is (optimism).

Now for simplicities sake, if we generalized and said a person was either 100% optimistic or 100% pessimistic, the effects that would have on your “present reality field” would be a shrinking or growing effect. So essentially what you carry around in your mind determines your future outcome (lots of people say and know this, I’m just expressing it visually. 😉 ).

How It Works In Daily Life

I hope the above explanation made some sense. What I think most people tend to do (and what society tells you to do) is to keep your mind as close to the green circle as possible. In doing this I think most people end up leading a life that where they hover right inside and outside of a green circle that THEY create(d). Once the human mind matures to a point, that green “present reality field” bubble is HUGE if stretched out over the course of a year, but most people aren’t able to see that and… stay “trapped” in a self defined green/red bubble. People also like to help keep their bubbles making sense to them by keeping other people’s bubbles in check by telling other people what they can’t do and what isn’t possible. 😛

Let me display how this all works right here.

How large do you think YOUR green bubble is spread out over 5 years?
Think about something specific to you. What do you think is possible? Building a fortune 100 company? Staring your own business? Getting your PhD? Mastering a language? All of these things? Something else?

Now there is some cap to what is REALLY possible (mathematically speaking). Just to use an extreme example, I don’t think you’re going to build a space hotel on Pluto in 5 years. There are things that are NOT mathematically possible. That said, there are a TON of possibilities that are though.

So, by thinking about that question a little bit here’s the thing. You want to make sure you aim for something in the blue, but not TOO far in the blue (ie building a space hotel on Pluto). It takes some practice, but once you get good at calibrating everything, you’ll set a goal that’s HOPEFULLY close to actual green, maybe even beyond the green some (or even better A LOT, but not too much 😉 ).

I think most people would initially set goals that are actually on the red side (over a 5 year period of time). That’s why you have to practice with weeks, months, quarters, etc.

That said, when you get good at setting goals that are beyond the green (but a healthy amount that will hopefully get you as close to the green as possible) you end up “failing” at lot. Something funny I’ve (quietly) noticed over the years is that people LOVE to make noise about the things you’re NOT doing (aka failing at) and LOVE to turn a blind eye to the things you’re actually doing (small rant from me 🙂 ).

Anyhow, learn and understand the simple working of that diagram and you’ll be fast on your way to wherever it is you want to go. 🙂

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1 Response to Reality Fields – Understanding Them Unlocks All Doors

  1. miltownmom says:

    I thought that was a nice visual to express what lots of “experts” and counselors try and tell people. Oh, and I hope you get that tooth fixed. Taking care of your teeth IS really important.

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