Excruciating Pain And miltownmom Comments

This is going to be a quick post. First off, mom left a comment for each one of my latest posts. This blog started as a way to keep mom up to date and a month or so ago, I decided to bring the focus back to that. Reading the comments made me realize why. No offense to anyone, but I really like comments from Mom. 🙂

For example on a post I did a couple days ago [Every Company Should Aspire To Make The World More Awesome] Mom had this to say:

Let me know if you figure that one out. Actually, I think most companies start out with a goal of making money. Fewer start out with ideals. I think.

Before I respond to that comment I’d like to say that while so many people online try to get a ton of views, comments, subscribers and whatnot, I’m pretty sure most people would only really need one or two REAL readers to make blogging worth while (could be your mom, a mentor, a friend, etc.) I think a lot of people miss that point.

Anyhow, back to Mom’s comment. I’m pretty sure that most companies that reach greatness start out with good intention. Even these “old money” families that may or may not be into all kinds of shadiness now got their start by an original family member having an awesome idea and pushing it forward.

The Pain… The Pain!

So one of my teeth started to ache lightly last night. I didn’t have much time to do anything about it today, but when night fell YOWSAH!! Normally I would just sufer through pain like this until the morning, but it was so bad that I thought I would see what my options were.

The emergency room = a waste a time since they most likely would have given me some advil and told me to see a dentist.
An emergency dentist = $400.

Although the nurse I spoke to at the emergency room did tell me to rinse my mouth out with salt water (something I read about earlier today). I did that and it made things feel MUCH better. She said something about PH Balance or something.

I wanted to make 2 comments while in this real world experience.

I don’t have health care and as broke as I am I still DO NOT support universal health care.

If more people had access to an internet connection and understood how to do their own research, that alone could probably save all the money we need to save on health care (well, that and some structure). See what I did is a bit of googling and found out that I most like have some kind of [dental abscess] (small note, but [oil of cloves] is suppose to help. I’m going to try some tomorrow morning 🙂 ). This is a guess from my googling because of the type of pain I’m experiencing (my freaking eyeball hurts!).

Anyhow, I do a bunch of research first. Then I make some calls to a local hospital and 1-800-dentist. Since I’m already a bit informed, the calls go smoothly, I get the information I need to make a decision quickly and all is well in the universe.

Going through all of this, what I thought would be cool was a service that connected me to a doctor in India (on the cheap) via phone, chat, twitter, whatever. That doctor helps diagnose things, then sends his report to someone here that can review it and go straight to work (without asking all the stuff that could get handled over the phone). I guess that’s what nurses do though huh…

Anyhow, all this medical stuff doesn’t seem like rocket science. Damn AMA artificially keeping the demand of medical stuff high so their sons and their son’s sons can milk us for simple procedures that basically glorified carpentry ([glad I’m not the only one that thinks this way]).

My last thought about this whole situation (back when it appeared that I wasn’t going to be able to sleep due to the pain) is that as bad as the pain is/was, life’s pretty damn good. Instead of sleeping I was going to play Grand Theft Auto 4, read a book or watch TED videos (I have [Tony Robbins’ TED Talk] queued up now 🙂 ).

I was talking to my brother about this a little bit earlier today, but I’m in constant amazement on how wealthy us Americans are, yet how poor in spirits, joy, and happiness most are at the same time. All this bullshit about “the poverty line” and universal health care… Shit is BEAUTIFUL!!! With my $500 computer and internet connection I have a window to the world! The medical care provided by Walgreens and Google is better than what was available to KINGS and QUEENS (at some point in history on this earth, you probably don’t have to go back very far). If it wasn’t for the damn AMA…

Anyhow. I think I’m going to watch some TED. Night mom. 🙂

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2 Responses to Excruciating Pain And miltownmom Comments

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  2. miltownmom says:

    There might be some oil of cloves in a really old bottle in the medicine cabinet in the downstairs back bathroom. It’s worth checking anyway. I’m not sure if it’s there or not.

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