Building a City of Innovation

I just saw [a Tweet from hypnagogic] that read:

Let’s put Milwaukee on the innovation heat map:

From [the linked article]:

McKinsey has partnered with the World Economic Forum to create an “Innovation Heat Map,” by identifying factors that are common to successful innovation hubs. As part of this effort, we have examined the evolution of hundreds of such clusters around the world and analyzed over 700 variables, including those driving innovation (business environment, government and regulation, human capital, infrastructure, and local demand) along with proxies for innovation output (for example, economic value added, journal publications, patent applications) to identify trends among the success stories.

This map was included:
Innovation Map

Well I quick threw those same 700 variables into my BLAZING Microsoft Vista Powered 2 Gig of RAM MONSTER and I was actually able to find Milwaukee on that map AND see the city’s 2010 projection (gotta love the awesome power of computers!)

Microsoft Vista Powered Map Enhancements:
Innovation Map MKE

Computing power is so awesome… I’m speechless.

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2 Responses to Building a City of Innovation

  1. Willy Donuts says:

    Granted it looks and sounds nice, but in reality, how true has this model been? IN what fields will Milwaukee expand on? Job Growth? Crime? Cost of Living? Biomed Market? I’m all about Brew City blowing up, but to take some model that doesn’t really show any evidence is hard to swallow, just like the Patriot Act.

  2. miltownmom says:

    Again, too little information for me to determine if this “heat map” thing has any validity. I agree with the above comment.

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