March Spreenkler Review

Warning: This post is rife with smileys. Deal with it. πŸ˜›

I want to start with saying that it has been my intention to do reviews of the various social gatherings I attend for a long time. I created the web presence [SocialMilwaukee] for this very purpose. That’s going to be where I grow my self as a consultant on what I like to call web 3.0. But enough of that. On to the meeting!

Note: [Steve’s] slides for the meeting are available [here (Spreenkler Agenda].

The Mingling

It’s been a long time since I got to a Spreenkler early, but I think the lure of free pizza and beer did the trick. πŸ˜€ The pizza was provided by [Transfer Pizzeria/Cafe] (Note to Transfer: You’re not even on the first page when googling “transfer pizza”?! Fix that! πŸ˜‰ ). The pizza provided was EXCELLENT. Funny thing is the last time my mom was in town last month she took me there and then I took my girlfriend a couple weeks later.

A very decent crowd showed up before the meeting started and some very nice mingling went down. Once everyone got some food in their bellies, liquored up a bit and caught up with old and new friends, it was time for the meeting to start.

The Meeting

I was going to attempt to do a “play-by-play” of events but… I’m going to start with something that irked me first. Now it might just be me and my [Adult ADHD] (no, I have not been professionally diagnosed) but a lot of people went on too long during the “15 minute intro + innovative ideas.” I will refrain from pointing fingers (This time! You’ve been warned! lol) but I think there needs to be an actual timer that everyone is aware of (or perhaps a [Wrap It Up Box]). That way each presenter is forced to keep it short and sweet. THEN at the end of the meeting, there could be an additional 10 or 15 minutes where each one of the presenters go to a different area of bucket works to discuss their thing further and the attendees can choose to get additional information from the one that excited them the most in a smaller setting (my 3 cents anyway).

Ah… Now that that’s out of my system…

The Innovative Ideas

First up was [RachelK] to discuss her [HEADSHOT!] service (sorry… couldn’t help myself lol). Basically we all need professional looking photos that make us look pretty/pimpstastic/thug for the various websites we troll around on. Rachel will take photos of you and make you look sexy so you have a better chance of obtaining work, obtaining a mate or whatever it is you want to use the photos for. πŸ™‚

Next [Todd Nealson] and [Aaron Krueger] discussed [Milwaukee Jobcamp] (video) ([Jobcamp Twitter]). JobCamp seems like it should be a pretty cool event ESPECIALLY in today’s climate. Aaron was also quick to point out that it’s JobCamp not EmployeeCamp, so they’ll also be covering issues for people who would like to create their own job and go the path of the self-employed (the sometimes bumpy but satisfying path that it is πŸ˜‰ ). Aaron also talked about he himself going the path of the rouge employee and starting his firm [Premiere Talent Acquisition, LLC]. If you have TEH [1337] SKILLZ, you probably want to talk to him. πŸ™‚

Then it was time for [Anne Nordholm and Susan Ballje] to tell us about [Great Lakes Constructivist Consortium]. I would have NO idea what they were about from the name alone, but lucky for me I was there ;). They spent a little time talking about project based learning in high schools AND they even made a little jab at the traditional model of education. I liked that. πŸ˜€ For anyone that would like to see a short synopsis on my feelings about (traditional) schooling see: [F*CK SCHOOL!!!]. lol

That takes us to Steve Taylor of [The Future Hope Project] (the best I could find was a link to a word doc… I think they need some “consulting” πŸ™‚ ). Steve told us about these “sexy specs” that have headphones. What they do is flash lights in some kind of rhythm to sound coming through the headphones. What it sounded like to me is that this put you into some kind of [trance stated] that would school aged kids function better and adults improve their golf swing. Sounded interesting. Seemed like a high tech version of having kids meditate (which would also be a good thing).

Then we had [Megan Carr] talk about the [GLUE (Great Lakes Urban Exchange) Conference] that’s going down next week. I honestly can’t remember much of her presentation (through no fault of her own, I was totally internally spazzing out at this point) BUT she recognized me from one of my… “angry” videos [City of Milwaukee F*CK YOU!] (personal note: it’s always interesting running into someone who has first ran into me on the interTUBES). After saying “Hey, aren’t you that guy from YouTube,” she went on to tell me more about GLUE. What it sounded like to me (in a nut shell) was a collection of people that get ANGRY and want to make some noise and change things (for the better of course and I’m sure the anger is optional πŸ˜‰ ). The sessions start next week and I’m sure I’ll make it to at least one (and I’ll be sure to blog about it).

Finally we had… I can’t remember. 😦 But it was something about an offshoot of Spreenkler that would focus on hooking up your sales skills. If someone knows, throw it in the comments so I can fix the post.

Feature Speaker: Henry Tyson

Henry Tyson is the superintendent of [St. Martin Lutheran School]. I’m actually not going to say as much as I’d like to because I plan on visiting the school within the next couple weeks and talking about it more in depth. What I will say is Henry is an awesome dude doing awesome stuff over there and has awesome vision for what every child could have access to in the city (some quality edumacatin’). I will pass on his “call to action” though. He basically said we all need to take responsibility for the education of our youth. Whether through donating time, money or other resources you may have available.

Get on that! (more to come…)

Zappos Tour

Steve got to visit the [Zappos] headquarters last month and he shared his experience with us. Zappos appears to be an awesome place (to work and do business with). I’m going to make my next shoe buying experience a Zappos one. What’s cool about them is that they’re SUPER focused on “company culture.” I was momentarily struggling to finding a way to express what that means, but I think it basically boils down pretty much every single employee there wakes up and looks forward to work in the morning. πŸ˜€ The Zappos culture seems to be SO special that if they accidentally hire you and you’re not a fit, they’ll offer you $2,000 to leave (lol). They’re also super into the “social media” stuff, so they have [multiple Twitter accounts] and a [YouTube] channel (among other things I’m sure). Zappos in on my list of companies that I want my “organization” to be like. πŸ™‚

Random Video At End Of Post

Some time in January I played an [Akoha] card to Spreenkler Steve. He actually took that card to Vegas with him and gave it to a Zappos employee. I thought I would harass Zappos a little bit with a video to encourage them to play that card forward. I also meant to tell them to play the “Give someone a book” card to me since I got my hands on one of the books they gave to Steve.

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2 Responses to March Spreenkler Review

  1. Erin says:

    Nice review. I think Spreenkler should invest in the Academy Award countdown timer for the people “on stage.” Let me know how that tour of St. Marcus turns out. I meant to say hi last night but couldn’t make it through your crowd of fans. So … hi!

  2. miltownmom says:

    All the happy faces must mean it was a good event. Hey, what about that resolution to stop drinking beer??????

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