How To Make Money Online Part 1

I woke up this morning and wanted to start with this quote from [my Taichi teacher’s] answer to the question “What’s the secret to mastering Taichi:

The secret is practice.

Why am I giving you quotes from my Taichi teacher when this is suppose to be about making money online? Because I want you to see that making money online is just like doing anything else. “The secret is practice.” And just like anything else there are MANY paths to “the top of the mountain.” I’m going to tell you about some of those different paths and tell you about the path/style I’m developing.

The Basics

Making money online is pretty simple, but in it’s simplicity ends up being SUPER complex (kind of like [“Go”]).

There are basically two parts. Controlling the flow of “eyeballs” (viewers/people) and then profiting from this flow. There are pretty much 3 ways to profit from this flow. People paying you for access to this flow (advertising), people paying you for driving traffic to their pages (affiliate marketing) and you selling your own products to this flow (I’ll call this one an “online store).

You are also able to make money by marketing your knowledge of profiting from eyeball flow. We’ll call that consulting.


I think this is the way most people attempt to make money online. This consists of getting as many views as possible to a webpage and having advertisers pay you to place advertisements on their page.

It’s a lot of work making a page or website that gets a lot of traffic (in the beginning anyway, the more you do it the easier it will get I’m sure). I’m going to use YouTube as an example, but the basic technique can be applied almost anywhere (blogging, Twitter, websites, et.)


I don’t care WHAT you’re doing online. You MUST learn at least copywriting basics. If you’re new to the game and have no idea what I’m talking about [take a look at the Wikipedia entry on copywriting]. You need to learn how to write your videos, blog posts, webpages, Twitter updates or whatever to get people to read/watch/click the link. There is a WHOLE science to that. Learn it. The title of your video is more important than the video itself.

“Gaming The System”

You can “game” ANY system. ANY! We’re focusing on making money online right now, but you can game your school system, the legal system, your job, relationships… ANYTHING! Don’t know what “gaming the system” means? [Peep the Wikitruth article]. There’s a fine line between cheating and gaming the system. Gaming the system involves staying within the rules, but finding loopholes that allow you to “cheat” (without cheating). You want to learn about cheating as well.

You want to learn AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE about the system you’re trying to “master.” How much “gaming” and cheating you decide to do is up to you, but it’s important to fully understand how and what other people are doing and use that information to decide how and what you will do.

Back to the YouTube example, getting a bunch of views and subscribers isn’t about just making awesome/funny informative videos. You have to “game the system” a little bit too.

I “accidentally” gamed the system with my [The Death of My Xbox 360] video. I put accidentally in quotes because I titled it properly (to get people to watch it) tagged it properly (so it would come up in the related videos) and made a video about something people were looking for more information about (it was also kind of funny 😉 ). This made the video go viral. It wasn’t my plan for it to go viral, but I understand why it did.

But what you also need to know is that if you use the knowledge about copywriting and the basics of gaming the (desired) system along with some cheating you can make your videos go far.

I don’t know if it’s cheating or not (and I don’t use any software or services like this) but you should be aware of websites that help you get more views like [Tube ToolBox] or [sites you help increase your views.]

Having Decent Content

You have to make videos about SOMETHING. If you want easy views make videos about things that a lot of people are looking for information about, are controversial or are hot news items. Video games is an easy one. Take a strong stance on something “PS3 SUCKS! I HAVE PROOF!” People will click on that video to cuss you out, agree with you, or hear why. Then in the video YOU GET CRAZY! Yelling etc.

Anyhow, after you get people to click on your video you want them to watch it. Keep your videos short and take time to learn at least the basics about video editing/production (I don’t even know the basic!)

Building An Audience

Using the information above you can build an audience. On YouTube people will subscribe to your videos and look forward to your new ones. If you end up having thousands of subscribers and your videos are getting thousands of views, you can join [the partner program] and start making money from advertising on your videos. I know I’ve been talking about YouTube, but the partner program is just [Google Adsense] on your YouTube videos. If you decide to work on building a blog with a lot of traffic, joining adsense is MUCH easier.


I’m tired and will go back and clean this post up a bit (and I’ve realized that this is going to be like a 4 part series :P), but let me finish up the section on advertising. On YouTube you are going to have videos that your main audience sees and videos that go viral. Until you have a large audience and or a lot of videos on YouTube, you’re going to make the majority of your money from videos that went viral (I think more than half of my YouTube monies comes from viral videos). Knowing this, it makes the most sense to almost ALWAYS try to make videos that will go viral. The problem with this is… Then you’re always making “sell out” videos (focusing on getting views for dollars). Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not my style.

Part 2 affiliate marketing coming up next…

And remember “The secret is practice.”

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