I Can Tweet Dot Com

There are going to be A LOT of n00bs that need Twitter guidance. In a burst of manic inspiration I came up with icantweet.com (I’d link to it, but there’s nothing there). Here’s what I’m thinking…

Not a blog or anything like that but a page with a video that’s like “Dude, Twitter is awesome, let me tell you why [insert stories]. You need to get up on this shit. Put name and email address in form on the side.”

When the person signs up they get a series of emails that walk them through being proficient at Twitter. The emails would have titles like:
Getting Started
Who Should I Follow?
What Should I Tweet About?
Which Application Should I Use?
Rocking Twitter From You Phone

Oh I got the YouTube Channel and [Twitter Account] for it of course. I want to make videos to go with it… 😀

This started as something I wanted to do to help school subscribers of my videos in the arts of Twitter, but I thought I could come up with something that would be useful for a larger base of peoplez.

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1 Response to I Can Tweet Dot Com

  1. miltownmom says:

    I have a twitter account, but don’t use it much. If I want to connect with certain people, I’ve discovered if I twitter them, I get a response. I always do twitter with my computer because I’m not cell phone proficient and I have to pay for messages. I could use some twitter instruction.

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