Is sxephil A Douchebag?

I wrote a whole a bunch of stuff but fuck it. I’m going to keep it simple. If you don’t know who I’m talking about [here’s his YouTube] and [here’s his website].

Basically, there are a lot of things about sxephil which I think are pretty cool. But there are also a lot of things floating around the internets that point to douchebaggery. My gut leans towards D-Bag.

I hope I can collect more information as to make a better informed decision. Share any thoughts/links (pro or con). Since all the links below are con, here are my pros.

It appears that he works pretty damn hard. As much as people would like to believe how easy it is to maintain an audience and community the way he does, it isn’t. He’s active on his blog, the twitter and the Tubes. That’s pretty cool to me. It’s not labor intensive hard, but the “always on” shit can get to ya.


[SxePhil Called Me a Nigger!!! (from DramaTube)]
[The sxephil distrack (+15 jokes)]
[Trevor Rieger Disses sXePhail RAP!!!! (made me lol)]

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5 Responses to Is sxephil A Douchebag?

  1. mattxix says:

    just watched the vid, he sent it as a private message to a guy he was pissed off with. its not like hes broadcasting it to the whole site (wouldn’t he get banned for that?) the guy who posted it sounds like more of a d-bag



  2. ghostin says:

    Granted this is petty, and this Phil guy is a lame. Seriously he wants attention by talking garbage about black folks, bringing up racial stereotypes, and hopes to get more views(attention) from pulling stunts like this. Phil like many others are cowards because they hide behind their monitors and talk all the crap they want without any real consequence to their action.

    I can safely say that not one of these folks would make any of these remarks publicly infront of black people knowing that one would either bust them up, or call them out.

  3. Dr. Kabel says:

    Well… To be honest, it is easy to fake that email stuff.
    I think it just requires a simple JavaScript thingy.

    Did it, changed the title of this video…

    He could just as easily have done that.

  4. miltownmom says:

    This whole conversation is out of my realm of knowledge. The one comment above reminded me of a story from my time at Wales, the juvenile prison. There was a white boy in the maximum security cottage who would scream out racist stuff while he was securely locked in his cell. Of course, most of the other inmates in the cottage were black, and the young man I used to visit had become so agitated, he put his mattress on the wall and started punching it. I think the white boy had mental illness issues, and he and my student became friends.

  5. stat221 says:

    Phil sucks. He’s not funny, he’s racist and his videos are full of bias

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