Dan Knauss You Seem Like An Interesting Fellow

I really don’t like “hiding” stuff I put out on the internet, but [my last post] caused some small waves. Here’s my attempt to get “permission” to let that post hang it’s nuts in the breeze once again. I wrote that post with only about 1.5 hours of sleep after working at [the club] the night before and waking up manic. That makes me do and say interesting things sometimes… 😀

The post is password protected right now, but I basically went on a tirade about Sonya’s husband was (IMO at the time) a douche bag. A part of what upset me so much was the fact that he seemed like such an interesting fellow as well. Why would he snap at me like that? Anyhow, here are the series of events that led up to that post.

How I Ran Into Dan Knauss

I started studying barter exchanges in Taiwan about 3 years ago and I’m in the process of bringing [a system that is launching internationally] here to Milwaukee. People know I’m interested in barter exchanges so when news broke about a [Milwaukee neighborhood printing it’s own money] the article was forwarded to me (by 4 different people). I decided to do some investigation into this. When I started my research, Dan’s name kept popping up so I looked him up on Facebook. Then I decided to send him a message about the article and he gave me a very detailed answer as to what it was all about.

What Struck Him As Interesting

Initially I only saw his footprint on Facebook. He expressed interest in [Drinking and Pwning]. He was one of the first people to join a group of a project that’s on the back burner [TEDTalksMKE] (he’s still in there as of right now 🙂 ). And that “friends in common” thing already had a bunch of familiar faces who I see almost weekly.

When I got more curious, I decided to take my searching to the world wide interwebz and found an even larger footprint. I think one of the more interesting things was his connection to something called the [“Social Media Mafia”]. There is a page on the site titled [“Family Structure”]. Now it has the profile information of a guy named Chris, but before that it had this cool ass structure (which I took the liberty of copying and saving to my own archives here it is if you’re interested otherwise scroll down 🙂 ) :


The structure described below refers specifically to Social Media Mafia (SMM).

The leader of the family is known as Il Capo Di Tutti Capi (the boss of all bosses) or just Boss, Don or Godfather. All major decisions are made by the Boss, and evaluations generated by the family ultimately flows to him. The Boss’s authority is needed to resolve disputes and keep everyone in line as well as provide strategic vision for the Family and its clients.

Just below the boss is the Underboss. The Underboss is the second in command, although the amount of power he wields can vary depending on projects. The Underboss can resolve disputes without involving the boss if required. The Underboss is groomed to replace the boss if he is unavailable for major decisions.

Beneath the Underboss are several Capos. A Capo acts like a lieutenant, leading his own section of the family business and clients. He has specific activities that he operates. The Capo’s territory may be defined geographically (as in, “everything west of Soho belongs to Louis ‘The Gambler’ Ringgold.”) or, and perhaps more importantly, by the social graphs (rackets or tribes) he operates. The key to being a successful capo is in operating an influential social graph (racket), passionately protecting his assigned clients, analysing and reporting associated analytics. The Capo manages most of the information his rackets generate and then disseminates the rest up to the Underboss and Boss for client consultation.

The “dirty work” is done by the Soldiers. A Soldier is the lowest rank among made men. They’re part of the family, but they hold little power, operate small social graphs and generate relatively little information or influence. The number of Soldiers that belong to any given Capo can vary tremendously.

In addition to Soldiers, we use Associates. Associates are not actual members of the family, but they work with the Soldiers and Capos on various enterprises. An Associate is simply someone who works with the family, including anyone from a business specialist or accountant to a lawyer, investment banker, police officer or politician.

There is one other position within the family that is somewhat legendary — the Consigliere. The Consigliere is not supposed to be part of the family’s hierarchy. He/she is supposed to act as an advisor and make impartial decisions based on fairness rather than personal feelings or vendettas. This position is meant to elected by the members of The Family, rather than appointed by the Boss.

N.B. Any disrespect shown in this chain of command will be taken very seriously.

N.B. “Him” used in the above context is non gender specific.

N.B. The above text is a mash-up of other work, source unknown

That’s some interesting ass shit to me! Why? Well, I’ve been fascinated with mafiass, gangs, traids, yakuzas, gorilla warfare, terrorist cell configurations and the like for… A long while. I thought that was a really nicely laid out piece of information. Especially given the fact that I’ve been working on creating my own similar “organization” for about a year now and have been struggling with how to structure it. I was originally totally sold on using the above as almost a template for what I want to do. Now I… Oops… I’m getting off of the topic of Dan and his interestingness. 🙂 Well, my Klan is [here] and it’s open for anyone to sign up. I will be taking my originally all online efforts locally in the VERY near future…

Back To Dan

Sorry about the diversion. It happens when you have adult ADHD/bipolar… lol Anyhow Dan also runs his own internet consultancy called New Local Media and [he appears to do some really nice work]. Besides that he seems to be much like myself in being addicted to starting and managing a million different projects. On top of that his projects are ones focused on bettering the City of Milwaukee (which is pretty much my top priority in life, hence the name miltownkid).

My Apology

Before I apologize I want to go on the record in saying this has nothing to do with money, connections, potentially damaging my reputation and whatnot in the future or any of that sort of shit. I give fuck all about that (from an individual standpoint). My concern lies in the health of the [Bucketworks Community], making sure my wild actions don’t negatively affect anything my buddy [Steve] does and I wouldn’t want to get into a situation where he or I wouldn’t support some larger project because of the other individual’s involvement in it. I would like to get to know him and his projects better so I can refer the right people to him if/when I’m in a position to.

I apologize for:

  • passive aggressively mixing Sonya’s name up into my outburst
  • not making a stronger attempt to quell my internal anger through reasoned discussion
  • being overly sensitive about the issue at hand
  • being a [dick]

All that said, this was experimental and my REAL goal was to learn and grow (shouldn’t that really be the only goal of all endeavors?). I suppose I should apologize for using you and that situation as my guinea pig as well. 🙂 Oh, and about the [CityofMilwaukee] Twitter account. I am more than willing to talk about what to do with it. I just think there is great potential for how it is used and would like to see something awesome happen with it.

The Warrior Gene

This came to mind while writing and I thought I would note it here at the end. I’ve seen the idea about the Warrior Gene floating around the internet for a few years now. Here’s [a recent article about the Warrior Gene] (just read it, pretty interesting 🙂 ). When I was younger (and my mom can testify to this) I used to SNAP! I guess all kids did to one extent or another, but I remember getting FURIOUS about things that bothered me and I’d want to *hulk smash* Then it just stopped one day. I think I just… got better at controlling it or something. That said, to this day, I get urges to wrestle lions, fly to [Black Water] and become a mercenary, do an MMA fight, find some thugs on the street up to no good and BATTLE!!!… um.. yeah…

I don’t really understand where it comes from. I’m usually not angry or anything. I just want to FIGHT. Anyhow… Thought it was worth noting here… 🙂

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2 Responses to Dan Knauss You Seem Like An Interesting Fellow

  1. miltownmom says:

    Are you OK?

  2. ghostin says:

    It happens, don’t beat yourself up for “getting sensitive” or wanting to be aggressive. You an only take in so much before you unleash your rage. I know I get like that down here in Tampa (doesn’t help that I can’t stand being here, but that’s what this place is [a href=”http://ghostin.wordpress.com”]for.[/a]

    Just as long as YOU feel some sort of remorse and look for a way to fix, it’s ok to an extent (head busting is not covered by this excuse, nor is blowing the Earf.)

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