CoD4: Modern Warfare Vs. CoD5: World At War (Online and Single-Player)

OK. Let me tell you why I’m making this post. I uploaded a video the other day with this title [“Thanks Bystander SCX, Check Out KonsoleKingz + SSF2HD”]. In less than a day’s time there were over 100 comments most of which arguing which game was better, Call of Duty 4 or Call of Duty 5. Do you see any mention of Call of Duty 4 or Call of Duty 5 in that title? No. It was question I added last minute at the end of the video.

My History With the Call of Duty Series

So I got into the series at Call of Duty 2. That game was fucking EPIC to me! I played that game until there was no playing left to do (got all 1000 achievement points on that one). What made it awesome was the NONE STOP ACTION! Just scene after scene of RATATATATAT! BOOM! “This way!” “LOOK OUT!” You get the idea. The controls were tight… Yeah, just super sexiness.

Since I was so excited about 2 I couldn’t wait for 3. I bought it right when it came out. After playing it for 30 minutes or so I was like “Why is this game so BALLZ!?” I couldn’t even beat that game. It sucked compared to part 2. That’s when I found out there were 2 different teams making the games. [Infinity Ward] and [Treyarch]. After that experience my mind created these two equations:

Infinity Ward + CoD = EPIC! | Treyarch + CoD = BALLZ!

So naturally I was SUPER excited when CoD4 was dropped and… THAT SHIT WAS THE FUCKING EPIC SAUCESNESSES!!!
I don’t do much online play, but the single player game was AWESOME. The stuff I did online was fun too, but I didn’t play it enough to really comment much. Anyhow, this isn’t a CoD4 review it’s a comparison. 🙂

So, knowing that Treyarch was making CoD5, I just referred to my diagram and decided to skip it. My gut tells me I’m right, but I thought I’d get the opinion of the public. 😀 I think I’m going to rent or borrow CoD 5 just to confirm my suspicions, but until then lets get this sorted the old fashioned way.

CoD4 Vs. CoD5 – Final Battle

Here are two polls. One for single player and one for the online for both CoD4 and CoD5. If you have an additional thought to add, do so in the comments below.

Single Player


Lets See Who Wins

I’m not even going to vote in the poll because I’m really not qualified to. I understand that there are going to be people that vote even though they’ve only played one or none of the games. The results should still be interesting. I’ll follow up on this post after I get a chance to review CoD5.

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42 Responses to CoD4: Modern Warfare Vs. CoD5: World At War (Online and Single-Player)

  1. Luvbeers says:

    BTW, Miltown, I get at least one message on xbl from your old friends asking why you are never online anymore. Do you have a new gamertag? or is your xbox still dead? anyway send me a message on xbl if you can… GT: Luvbeers7

    • alex says:

      cod4 miles better both online and campaign. Theres no couler in cod5 it doesnt even look like theyve used blu-ray or hd. i mean yes its ww2, but every level is dull making it boring VERY quickly. the only thing better is exploding legs and zombies.

      BY THE WAY I DO BOTS_ PSN_ midgetman95

  2. Ty-Flip says:

    COD4 for the solo campaign – all about the SAS dood!

    COD WaW for the online – a more tactical and immersive experience.

  3. jorge castro says:

    In my opinion call of duty 4 is way better then call of duty 5. The maps in COD5 are too big.The Guns, I don’t like old guns they suck…….!!!!!!

    I hope COD6 will be as good as COD4 or even better.

  4. kelvin says:

    wassap miltown
    yur right
    call of duty 2 was off da hoooooooook!!!!!!!!!
    but i think dat u should get call of duty-world at war
    good online play

  5. DaMastaMan79 says:

    Yo miltown ima big fan of your shit. But about 4 or 5. I think the guns in 4 are better and it has a better story but if you play online alot its really just a preference of ww2 or modern warfare. btw 5 has a capture the flag mode (my mode biatch) add me DaMastaMan79

  6. RokrKillswitch says:

    I’m just popping in here to give some info about CoD6 (but in my opinion CoD4 is better). CoD6 is Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2..and it is coming out in fall of 2009. Google it…its gonna be the shit.

  7. miltownmom says:

    uhhhh….don’t care. I don’t like games that promote war, but I think you already knew that 🙂

  8. Bobstar93 says:

    i have both games and the only good thing about cod 5 is the nazi zombies otherwise cod 4 for life

  9. booyaka says:

    its the same gameplay it depends on what u like cod 4 has modern guns and waw has ww2 guns

  10. xUFCx Z1G10CK says:

    We’ll Cod:5 had a very good story mode to start off with but close to the end it seemed as if treyarch was running out of ideas! I mean it just started getting boring! Well I have to admit Nazi Zombies was pretty Fucking Sick. The graphics on cod:5 look like graphics from the 80’s, shit i’m telling you, you can have a game based on the 1940’s but the graphics dont have to be as old and bad.
    Cod:4 is very good, has a pretty good storyline thru-out the game and multiplayer is great! I think that some guns on cod:4 are pieces of shit that never gets hard, the guns just suck all of the time!(But all guns on cod:5 suck)

  11. bill says:

    call of duty 5 sucks

  12. bill says:

    cod 5 is not good at all play cod 4 my online name is (pamper4Campers)

  13. RAIDER says:

    You said COD3 sucks because and I quote you:” I couldn’t even beat that game. ” well didnt you think that it could just be you who i quote “sucks” at the game ??

  14. RAIDER says:

    My post is awaiting moderation…. dont cry and put it up

  15. Jose says:

    ummm idk about single player but online on cod4 ROCKS so ya…

  16. wascro says:

    both very good games , i think cod5 wins single player and cod4 wins online. but cod4 is the best in my opinion

  17. aj says:

    In my opinion i like call of duty 5 world at war becuase its good oline play nd it still has a little better graphics then 4 its way better in hardcore mode its almost real But it depends on what u like becuase world at war is good becuase the battles actually happened not in 4 but if u like Modern warfare as the game is actually called get that but i actually suggest them both they are booth ver great games!

  18. pariah says:

    I never played Call of Duty 1, but I did play Call of Duty 2 and that game was really fun. I hated Call of Duty 3 though, I thought it was way too boring compared to the second one. When my friend told me to get Call of Duty 4, I did and I loved that game, great single player and online play was addictive. Then I heard they were making a 5th Call of Duty so I checked out some trailers and read the comments, thats when I found out there were 2 different companies making the games. I heard CoD5 was gonna suck but I got it anyway to see. Single player is alright but in multiplayer I hate the guns and most maps aren’t very fun. After my experience with the two games I have no hesitation to say that CoD4 is better. I also think Infinity Ward is a great company, I think Treyarch should stop making Call of Duty games though, they seem to try and match up to IF but never can.
    (Sorry for the long comment by the way)

  19. bl44t says:

    to tell ya da truth, at first i thought halo was da shit, until i played cod4, i didnt really enjoy the campaign, but the online expierience is great, cod 5 is prettty fun, especially nazi zombies, i kinda like how you have to earn your sniper scope, and can use bolt action rifles w/out scopes peace


    The graphics in both the games were fine in my opinion. The gameplay in COD4 was better since it is up to date. The gameplay in COD5 was historically accurate so I liked it just as much. But the only problem I seen was the guns in both the games were not to correctly published in. Running around with a 50. cal? No scoping with it? That gun would rip your arm off. The PTRS in COD5 is actually an anti tank gun. Plus, the power to the 50. cal is way off. it would blow a persons head off but sometimes it takes two shots. Sources, I am a former US Army scout sniper and im a very big call of duty fan.

  21. John says:

    Played both and I have to say cod5 is better overall IMO. Whoever said cod5 graphics is worse has either a crappy video card, has the settings on lego mode or is smoking something. The graphics in cod5 is clearly superior. The guns are more realistic and audio is excellent. IMO, if you wan’t an arcade like experience with guns that are hardly any different to the next (within the same category), or if you’re stricktly into modern weapons COD4 is your game. If you’re more into skill, or more immersive gameplay and have no problems using WWII weapons, cod5 won’t disappoint. Airstrikes are more realistic in COD5 and the dogs are easier to kill than the dumb heli in COD4. Only the tanks are truly annoying but they can be usually be avoided for the most part. Also COD4 is full of annoying one sided tiny maps which are usually full of rifle nade noobs. Creek is a good example. The maps in COD5 are generally better balanced and can accommodate more players. Just my opinion.

  22. Andrew says:

    i only have CoD5 ive played CoD4s single player and it is great but i haveint played it on XBL ive only played it offline with a few friends.CoD5 is great if you know how to play i dont care if bolth suck i just want to play a game CoD5s guns are very cool and its from like world war 2.And alot of people play it so if there alot of people playing it then im fine and CoD4 is gettin old they didint make any game add ons for it i dont think..Just play your damn games who cares if they suck be grateful of what you have..

  23. StSoljah says:

    truu truu treyarch should stop makin cod games,
    HOWEVER…. cod 5 was pretty good, online and single player wise, and infinity ward could use some of their gameplay mechanics.
    Modern warfare 2 will b OVERKILL though.

  24. hollywood says:

    cod4 rocks my socks and cod5 sucks big nuts the only thing that doesn’t suck bout cod5 is nazi zombies and the flamethrower……buy cod4


    well lets start off easy shall we.. cod4 has by far the better online play and the weapons beat cod5 anyday, the only good thing about cod5 is zombies but if you want a proper shooting game with good online, cod4 is for you, obviously cod5 graphics are better but only the geeks look for those types of things, COD4 IS BETTER

  26. lilsmoki says:

    yo cod5 all the way

    cod4 is just who can shoot off more bullits
    n the maps are garbage

    cod5 has single fire weapons not jus full auto
    n the maps jus wait u gon see dude

  27. OzzBorn says:

    People lets agree cod 4 just has the best singleplayer we have ever played. but i find cod 5 the best multyplayer game. ok i agree with almost evryone cod 3 sucked!! but hey that don’t meen that 5 sucks to… there is only one thing that i find retaded about the multyplayer of cod5 : the tanks like come on?! dude they are like to overfikin powerd.. and when you and your team/squad finaly blow the demn thing up it freakin spawns the next minute….what the fuck is up with that?

  28. haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    i think cod5 was a ripped off cod 4 it did nothing that i saw that was really awsome. I played through alot of it and 20 lvles of online and its just more annoying than fun cuz u have to do boot camp shit and it has tanks . and to add to that when i tried playing it again with a freind we were up to our sacks in glitches. personaly geting shot gun raped in gears 2 is better than being killed by an invisible mother fucker under the map. the guns with dot sight WTF and dogs instead of a more rewarding air type thing or more creative support fuck that. not to mention that the guns take so much longer to kill someone and pistols just plain suck and are only used to scare people off when low on ammo. as far as i give a fuck geting shot almost anywhere with almost anything gets people killed like a little pistol like a luger or a deagle both get tthe job done in about one- two shot if you missed the first one exept for the deagle cuz one shot means most of your limbs are gone. some people also say that shity guns means more skill required if that is so than that is the most mother fucking dumn ass shit i have ever heard. i would never train with rusty tommy gun with a broken trigger and a bent barrel that shoots paper bb’s for 50 fuckin years to learn how to kill people online if i could just pick up a nice m16a4 from cod4 and get all the gun aspects out off the way and concentrait more on the tactics and gameplay styles that deliver victory.

    in other words geting killed by a dick head runing into a room and spaying the walls with a UFO on a stick because he has a ” better gun ” is gay and was almost all i heard online.

    but geting killed by a dick head that has a silenced pistol and kills you and your friends with a couple of head shot running and crouching then pulling out a sniper then blasting your balls off through a concrete wall is worthy of and award for pwnage.
    in this situation cod4 gives every gun good ups and downs that dont usualy involve full auto or not as an incentive and has plenty of reasons to think tacticly becase
    A. your arent super human geting shot once is almost always a fast track to a kill cam

    B. there is always a bad side to every thing including silencers and perks along with whatever game play style your using
    AKA ( rambo style in search and destroy usually equals dead alot and cussed out

    C . everybody has a beast mode gun pimped out to fucking rip your ass off from the pistols to the ungodly barret 50 cal and martydom

    in the end cod4 is all there was and will be
    ( untill modern warefare 2)

    and cod5 will always be that raped and abused faluire of a child that everybody thought would live up to his big bros name but only gets to eat his shit and hope to mabey wipe his ass some day

    ps.. my gamer tag is


    i wrote this at 4 in the morning and while eating whataburger so if my writing is a bit off just try and read it.

  29. ChillinHabby says:

    I find that cod 4 has a complete epic adventure during the first and last chapter but it kind of dropped the ball on the second chapter.
    I do surprisingly find that cod 5 has a better story line and is way more aggressive and in your face kind of game although it lacks a lot in online game play compared to cod 4.
    I am still confused on which one of these two fabulous games people play more so if anyone cares to enlighten me go ahead.
    cod 4 luva (chillinhabby)

  30. powerbits says:

    Come on and stop with your crazy thinking.
    I can agree that you would like modern warfare over WW2.
    But in all aspects cod5 is better!

    Graphics, sounds, gameplay and even custom mapping is better.

    Treyarch has given us allot of new maps also and there coops are very nice

    But i guess its just a anti treyarch club…

  31. chrisjex says:

    I think Cod 5 has a better single player and Cod 4 has a WAY better online!

  32. ThisIsMe says:

    cod 4 is the best u can buy

  33. gnfwmt says:

    cod5……..only nazi zombis was good the guns are crap and the story was crap to cod4 good guns ok maps grate story cod4 ftw :]

  34. Hally says:

    Well man i know its late but everyone says WaW graphics are better, i beg to differ CoD4 has better Online gameplay but worse and shorter singleplayer
    Yet WaW has a longer campaign but has taken all multiplayer ideas from CoD4
    MW2 coming out soon and it will be better than both combined
    Get it its got buildings full of guns 🙂
    get it and u will be impressed

  35. timothy says:

    hey i liked your video n well what would happen if they made like a same game and that well anyway cod4 is a good game but it could be better so u know ho yes and why is it more dear cod4 then cod5 in the ARGOS CHRISTMAS 2009



  36. RM says:

    IMO Cod5 far superior to MW. multiplayer maps allow for more tactical gameplay, weapons really do a better balance (bolt action 1 hit+1kill), wpns in MW just for show (Barret cal.50 shot in the chest, enemy doesnt go down?? wtf??).
    Same goes for MW2, bought the game yesterday and already fed up, maps are totally boring, wpns are for show again, multiplayer friend invite doesnt even work yet and nothing beats the Nazi Zombie coop in COD5.
    Please Activision let Treyarch handle ANY future COD games

  37. Erik says:

    i mean cod5 on both i don’t think you who wote cod4 will say the same but in cod5 there is manny times where you need to press attack fast or else you die and multiplayer you can play vs zombies! HOW COOL IS THAT??? and then you can get new frends. in cod 4 its only shooting humans (ok im a dog lover so i hate to kill dogs in cod 5 :P)

  38. (neardass)123 says:

    cod5 has no story maps are so crap.cod 4 is fuken gret

  39. Jay Jay says:

    i think cod4 is better because it has more modern guns and such. but if you like ww2 and old shit like that i reckon you will like cod5. but modern warfare 2 is not as good as cod 4.

  40. Jay Jay says:

    in cod4 i like getting a ak47 and walking in to a room and poping a cap in everybodys asses but cod5s zombies are fucking awesome

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