Midwest YouTube Gathering ’09 (in Milwaukee)

First, let me get the serious business out of the way…

Midwest YouTube Gathering ’09 (in Milwaukee)

I’m actually pretty excited about this. I’ll keep the thoughts short for now. Basically, we could have this gathering of YouTubers here in Milwaukee during [Summerfest]. Then we could take a bunch of people the Art Museum, Discovery World and all that stuff. And every night we could rock out VIP style at some club. That’s some straight up AWESOMESAUCE right there. OH! And perhaps we could have a three day thing rocking out at [Bucketworks] [Barcamp style]. WERD! 😀

[Discuss the event here]

The Trail

There’s this trail of events that leads to pretty much anything that happens. I’m like FASCINATED by this thing. People like to think they come up with shit themselves, but there’s always some sort of trail leading to events, discoveries, cool thoughts, whatever. Here’s the trail of events that led to the YouTube Midwest Gathering done Milwaukee style.

The BeeOBee

Actually, not that I think about it, I guess I can even thank [ReFAILo] (lol, just kidding) for linking me to [TheBeeOBee]. I basically ran into the BeeOBee after all the Vloggerheads drama was poppin’ off. Dude was making me laugh. 🙂 TheBeeOBee is important because he left a birthday wish on my channel and then I noticed him in a birthday video to some ‘Tuber named Lea…


I can’t really remember how or when I first ran into the Danny Diamond. I think it was when I was investigating the Lisanova spambot stuffz. Anyhow, I ended up watching a video by Sir Diamond title “It’s all garbage” (a nine minute rank about sheep and FAILTube).

In this video he mentions Lea (and my ears perk up because of TheBeeOBee connection) so I check out the video he’s responding to.

I think this video should get posted for good measure. It makes me laugh. 😀


So I checked out the video Danny Diamond responded to on lea’s page, then I checked out more of her videos and saw one with MeanBlackDude in it and decided to click on that…


I wasn’t subscribed to MeanlackDude (until today), but I’ve seen his videos before. Here’s the video that encouraged me to host a YouTube Gathering in Milwaukee. I think you’ll instantly understand why…

[Embedding Disabled, You’ll Have to Go see for yourself]

Other Stuff Worth Mentioning

I realized while writing this that there are a couple other things I should mention. I said it in the video be I think the [SMPFilms] dude organized the first gathering thing. But I realized in the video that I was looking through [TonkyaTKO’s] YouTube live footage and saw Danny Diamond in the background of a video. I think that’s what got me to go peep out his page.

And Surgeon General Because He PWNS!

I briefly mention Surgeon General in the video because… He PWNS! Maybe I could somehow arrange for him to come perform at Summerfest during the gathering… Anyhoo, here’s the video I saw that made me like “This dude fucking PWNS!”

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2 Responses to Midwest YouTube Gathering ’09 (in Milwaukee)

  1. miltownmom says:

    Mean Black Dude video was unavailable. And Surgeon General doesn’t do much for me. Must be that generational thing Danny Diamond was talking about. Was that Danny Diamond in the second video? That one didn’t make sense to me either. 🙂

  2. Casey (krieggs2005) says:

    Hey man,
    Big snow storm tonight huh?
    Haha i live right outside milwaukee in waukesha, its pretty tight to have a youtuber livin in the same general area as me.
    As for the Midwest Youtube Gathering. i think its an amazing idea and what better time than summerfest, the worlds largest music festival. (aka, beerfest?) haha
    Email me back if youve got the time.
    Thanks, and keep up the vids

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