Which Video Should I Make Next?

This post is for a video that I’ll be uploading while I’m sleeping… But that’s OK! You can help me decide which video I should make next! To the polls!

I’ll do a post about the actual video when it finishes uploading. 😀

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5 Responses to Which Video Should I Make Next?

  1. Magdalicious says:

    pfft… why didn’t you make it multiple choice? 🙂 I wanted to pick two…

  2. Frostfox says:

    Frostfox video for the win! Plus Miller time!

  3. Namahottie says:

    I don’t want to see myself on youtube if you do the frostfox one!!!!

  4. pingster says:

    Please tell me what system of my teacher’s webside is. Linex, or Windows. I need to know asap. And, please let me know how big the space is, too. Thanks!!

  5. Benno says:

    I am interested in a video about the current financial crisis, i guess that miltownkid knows a lot about economy and markets

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