Personal Development Plans

I’ve never heard of a “personal development plan” until two weeks ago when I started volunteering at [the Milwaukee University Graduate School Cooperative (MUGS Co-op for short).]

Volunteering at MUGS

What the MUGS Co-op does is explained very clearly and quickly on the first page of their website:

We help [high school aged] students get work. Graduate. And start careers.

My first week there I just sort of got used to things. I answered the phone, checked voicemail, and did some simple tasks here and there. This week was my first time actually introducing new students to the program. One of the key components of the program is the personal development plan (PDP). It acts as a road map to get the students from A to B. (A being high schooled aged kids not knowing what to do, B being adults positively contributing to the society they’re a part of and leading fulfilling lives… or something like that).

Personal Development Plans

Since I was now telling students about the program I needed to introduce them to the concept of a personal development plan. I had heard it the first week, but my mind was telling me “Yeah, yeah, you know what that is. The stuff you want to do and how to go about doing it.” It wasn’t until I sat down and looked at a sample PDP that I went “Wow… That’s pretty cool. I think I need one of those.”

The sample I looked at had goals and steps for those goals going out twenty years. I have goals, and what I think are steps for goals going out twenty years, but it’s a TOTALLY different thing getting this concept down on paper with details. I started working on mine tonight (and I’ll post the two versions in this post) but while I was thinking about goals, my mind was clouded with things I needed to take care of in my immediate future.

Google Personal Development Plan

I found a number of good links when I googled the term. I’m sure you would find some too. I just wanted to share the search term and the work I’ve done on mine so far. I will do a follow up post to this one tomorrow because… I think my PDP will look a lot better. 🙂

Here are two links that I found to be informative:

PDP 20081024 Version 1
PDP 20081024 Version 2

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2 Responses to Personal Development Plans

  1. miltownmom says:

    I couldn’t get your PDPs to open on my mac, but I checked out one of the links. One of the first things I used to do at the beginning of the year is hold up a piece of paper with a pin hole in it (or an imaginary one) and imagine they were looking at themselves in five years. Then I asked them to write at least a paragraph describing what they saw, what were they doing, where were they living, what were they wearing, what was their life like. It was a way for me to get a sample of their writing and to get them thinking.

  2. elvalentino says:

    Thanks a lot for these links, I was browsing around trying to find some good resources on starting a personal development plan. Seems like you came across some, thanks.

    p.s you really did look like Goku as a kid huh lol

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