An Internet of Awesome

That’s the title of the new format for [miltownkid’s YouTube channel].

Here’s the run down. I’m going to (try my hardest to) make a video a day Monday through Friday. Every Monday will be “MilTownKlan” a day where I’ll show clips that viewers submit. Tuesday-Friday will be a video that shares Awesome and Internet (or even awesome shit on the Internet). I’m going to make it as interactive as I possibly can. So every day I’ll be responding to comments made on the previous days video, I’m going to do shit people suggest, etc. The awesome shit will be shit I see in Milwaukee and on the Internet. So every day I’ll drop some awesome internet shit I’ve seen recently and some awesome clips I’ve recorded (if I have any).

Should be a pretty fucking awesome show (if you ask me). I was inspired by these shows (in order of awesomeness).
[ZeFrank] – I’ve only watched a handful of his shit, but I KNOW it’s awesome.
[Cutewithchris] – This shit is fucking DOPE!
[Epic-Fu] – They drop science about the internets and shit.
[I Power/Athene Wins] – They’ve done some awesome shit. TRUST.
[Man and Wife TV] – I should actually have Man and Wife TV at the top of the list just because of how AWESOME Fatman Scoop is. lol

Honorable Mention: [AskaNinja] – I never really got into this show BUT I read [Kent’s blog] all the damn time because he drops mad scientist type science.

I’m going to get the “An Internet of Awesome” blog setup over the weekend and start posting each episode there. I’m also going to try to figure out how to get the shit up on iTunes and whatnot. Here are all the episodes so far (there have been 3).




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2 Responses to An Internet of Awesome

  1. Magdalicious says:

    As long as you’re having fun 🙂

  2. DollaBillz says:

    As awesome as the first show is, you put it twice buddy, lol. Might wanna check that 3rd link over.

    And try not to overdo it with all those shows, there’s only sooo much time in a day. lol

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