My Projects: Time for a Break

I didn’t even finish the first sentence of this post and… I got sucked into a project. “Operation: Make Blog Cooler” is a CONSTANT operation that never stops. I’ll tell you what that first sentence was going to be, then I’ll tell you what happened. OK, start over…

Take #2

A lot of people wonder how I juggle so many projects at the same time (note: I didn’t even finish this sentence). I’ve investigated a lot of systems for personal project management, but none has bested [My Notebook].

OK, what happened in the middle of that first sentence was “Oh yeah! I gotta find a link to my old post about my notebook.” When I searched this blog I realized that I never imported my posts from [my old blog]. I HAD to do that! So I started the import process. After importing the posts the blog looked really funny because it imported a bunch of pages too (I’ve removed them already). And, now that I had all of my posts, I thought to myself “How can I go back in time and look at them?” so I had to hook up the archive (which you can see on the right). And after messing with the archive, I thought I might as well mess with some of the other widgets and now you have a few more things over there on the right.

All that from a half of one sentence. πŸ˜›

My Personal Project Management Style

I really didn’t say anything about how I manage all of my projects. It’s pretty simple really. What I do is capture EVERYTHING (really, as much as I can) into my journal. Random thoughts, ideas, etc. Then I take some of those ideas, act on them in the real world and track them in my notebook. I mostly just work on whatever I fancy whenever I fancy it BUT if that goes on for too long, projects might get neglected AND/OR I end up starting too many and not finishing enough.

My solution to this problem is a “weekly” review. What I do is first brain dump anything I have going on in my mind, then I flip through the pages to my last review cycle and add anything I think is worth following up on (or needs to be). Pretty simple really. The problem I have is sometimes (because of life and my [“hypomania”]) I’ll go more than a week without doing this. If that happens, I usually end up getting “too many” things going on.

Well, the last time I did a “brain dump/project assessment” was September 3rd. A lot of things have happened and have changed since then. I’m going to list and add notes to all the projects I have going on currently (for my own personal benefit mostly and perhaps for some people’s enjoyment). I’ll list it in the order I have it in my notebook (and add a picture).

The projects I list from my latest brain dump. It usually isnt this long.

The projects I list from my latest brain dump. It usually isn't this long.

The Projects…

Project Report

I got excited a couple weeks back and [made my own contest] based on [YouTube’s: Project Report.] I also want to make my own video for the project report contest. I’m going to interview someone.

MTK Ning

I’m working on putting together [the social networking page for the MilTownKlan.] It’s using a service called [Ning] that anyone can use to build their own social networking website (for free even). I started this a while ago, but now I’m really pushing to start using it. Some awesome stuff has come from it already. Here are two examples…

This one is by DollaBillz

miltownkid Banana Suit

miltownkid Banana Suit's

and this one is by Recessive

MilTownKlan = Serious Business

MilTownKlan = Serious Business

I should have gotten this rolling sooner. Looks like it’s going to be fun. πŸ˜€

The Websters’ Dictionary

I have a couple more phases to complete for my promoting efforts. Anyhow, [here’s the link] if you haven’t seen it yet. πŸ˜‰

Zine – Everyday People

I stopped by the Mayor’s office last week and dropped off a magazine at the front desk. The receptionist was VERY cool. She made the comment “I want to be on the cover of a magazine.” Then I thought to myself “Yeah! You should be!” Then I got the idea of a magazine that celebrated everyone. It’d be cool to do stories about homeless dudes, receptionists at Mayors offices, whoever. Get them professional looking photos made and a nice article done about them. Could be some kind of… Anyhooo

$16,000 in a Month

I decided I’m going to try to raise $16,000 in a month again this year. Whatever happens I bet I do better than my $400 in a month (and $1,125 total) from my efforts last year. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and want to know, try [this page.]

Barter Exchange

This one is actually some SERIOUS BUSINESS (seriously). I’m working on becoming the regional license holder for an international barter exchange. If everything comes together properly, I’ll be the CEO of a multi-million dollar a year business this time next year… lol Sounds funny when you only have like $75 in the bank.

SSBB Homerun Competition

I got excited and [started yet another competition.] This time for Super Smash Brother’s Brawl.


I’m helping two non-profit orgs talk because… Someone should. Can’t we all just get along?

Chinese Teacher

It’s finally REALLY happening. There’s this school in Milwaukee called [“Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language”] that I’ve been going through the interview and application process for. This has probably been the single most draining thing for me over the last week. I hate doing this kind of stuff. πŸ˜› BUT I’ll be teaching Chinese (and posting videos to go with it). yay!

MTK “Business Plan”

I met with a lawyer and he was like “Get all these ideas on paper so I can make sense of them.” So it’s not like a super formal business plan, but something to get down on paper so someone else can see what I see. Gots to get on that one…

MTK T-Shirt

I started selling the MilTownKlan T-Shirts via paypal last week. Sold 2 so far (woo hoo!) I need to start getting everything in place to make the printing happen. I think it’s going to be funny when (after I’m WICKEDLY successful, famous and rich beyond my wildest dreams) people are like “Damn, I should have bought on of those T-Shirts.” There will always be shirts for sale I’m sure, but these are going to be made with love, packaged, signed and whatnot by me. I don’t think I’ll waste my time with stuff like that often. Anyhoo, the order page is [here.]

MUGS Co-op

I’m going to be interning/volunteering at [this place.] It’s an awesome place, full of win. They focus on helping high school aged kids get jobs, but they help people of all ages. You’ll hear more about it in the future.


I have a couple websites that I’m helping people with. I need to start charging “monies” for keeping stuff like this on my mind. All in good time…

At the time of writing this I’ve collected 429 email addresses of people interested in this site. The team is working on putting together a blog and [a forum] to discuss gaming and such. I need to be a little more active in there…

Finish Updating Blog

I did a few things this morning BUT there are some pages I want to add and some updating I want to do… πŸ˜›

Pwning Life: eBook

I want to write an eBook about pwning and how to do it.

Outdoctrination Blog

I saw [this TED Talks video] about how groups of kids can teach themselves with a computer and an internet connection. I really think teachers as we know it should and will be obsolete in my lifetime. I’m going to do everything I can to see to that.

Other Projects

These came to mind while writing:

  • Operation: Chadface’s Wedding
  • Taichi Classes
  • Operation: Be friendly with Cops and The City of Milwaukee
  • Parody Songs
  • Mail MTK Stuffs
  • Get Quickbooks Up-To-Date
  • Operation: Asia sales dude
  • democratic Organizing website
  • The Robo and MTK birthday extravaganza
  • MilTownKlan Meetup Group
  • Monthly Video for Web Meetup Group
  • The MilTownKlan Show
  • A Weekly Board Game Club
  • Organize email Filters, Forwards and Labels

Time for a Break

I should probably take a picture of the sorry state my room is in at the moment…


What a mess! πŸ˜›

I need to get my digital camera working again so you can see the kitchen… I’m going to video it though so… Anyhow, I think I need to step away from the internets a little bit for a week or so. Mostly Youtube. I have a bunch of “real world” work to do and… I’ll need to be better organized to be efficient at it.

Yeah… I think a Youtube break will do it. I need to spend some time organizing other internet things, but a Youtube break would be good.

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6 Responses to My Projects: Time for a Break

  1. Magdalicious says:

    I really need to pay more attention to my notebook, I have learned the awesomeness of it from you. But it’s been neglected recently. These projects seem to have a lot more WIN to them these days, excellent and most interesting…

    Tee shirts look awesome, can’t wait for mine πŸ˜‰ I am wondering though… how do people choose their desired colours?

  2. miltownmom says:

    No wonder it takes you so long to get anything done. You’re trying to do waaaayyyyy toooooo many things. I have to admit I have a little of that distraction action when I go to do something and get distracted by something else. All I can say is pick something and staaaayyyyy focusedddddd.

  3. Olivia says:

    Hi Miltownkid!

    We (by accident) removed your video as a reply video to the Project: Report call-out. Please feel free to re-attach it as a reply!

    Hope you end up submitting.

    News Manager, YouTube

  4. Dave says:

    Don’t get too in over your head now!

  5. Dan says:

    If you’d like a tool for managing your time and projects, you can use this application inspired by David Allen’s GTD:

    You can use it to manage and prioritize your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
    A mobile version and iCal are available too.

  6. Luvbeers says:

    Check out pedo-bear in the last pic :-O

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