How to Use the Web to Transform the World

This long ass blog post is all about getting you to check out the new eBook by Ralph Benko: [“The Websters’ Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World”] It’s free and a very good read. [Go to the site to download it.] Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging…

There is no question that the web/Internet is transforming our world. That is obvious to anyone with even just a limited understanding of the web. As proof, I’m going to give 7 examples/experiences of how the web has transformed the (and my) world.

[] is I website I joined over 6 years ago now. It is a discussion community for foreigners that live in Taiwan. I initially registered to that website to get information about how I could move to Taiwan. What I ended up getting is a college education (and much more) for free. I met practically all my friends through that website (directly or indirectly). In 2002 I started a group called [“The Game Club”] that is still active even though I left the island last year. I was introduced to a program called [Supermemo] which was the key to my fluency in Mandarin. I had countless “unless” debates in threads like this one [“Acronym vs. Abbreviation (and is HTTP a word?)”]. Countless other examples exist, just from that website alone. It DEFNITELY changed my world.

Anonymous vs. Scientology

[Codename: Project Chanology.] I think the “internet activism” going on here is outstanding. What started as a retaliation to Scientology trying (for the over 9,000th time) to repress free speech, backfired into a massive attack on Scientology by the Internet. The beginning of this attack was this video [“Message to Scientology”]. That video seems like something out of a science fiction movie… But it wasn’t. It was real and has had [real results.]


Do I need to even write anything? Google is fucking changing the face of EVERYTHING! Just take a look at [Google Labs]. Or think for 5 seconds about the ramifications of [Android], the new operating system for cellphones that will be released soon. *shakes head thinking about the awesomeness*

Barack Obama

Do you think Barack could have pulled of what he did without the help of the Internet? I don’t. Do you think he has slighted changed the world (whether he gets elected or not)? I do. Want to read more? Here’s an article from [“Internet Revolutionizes Campaign Fundraising”].


[YouTube], YouTube, YouTube… YouTube has had a profound effect on my life. It’s totally changed the course of things for me. When I returned to the US last year, I was determined to get a PhD in Economics. I still am, but that goal had to take a backseat to… YouTube. It was in December of last year when I started to realize that what I was doing on YouTube should be taken a little more “seriously.” So instead of continuing my study of economics, I decided to take up the study of marketing (more in the self study sense). Since making that change I’ve ended up on the cover of a magazine and even had a paying job as a “YouTube Expert.”

YouTube hasn’t just changed my life though. Now all people have access to TONS of video information (how-tos, education, etc.) People other than myself have also been lifted to “stardom.” Things are just getting warmed up…

Social Networking

[Facebook], [MySpace], [LinkedIn], [] and other sites like these are having a profound effect on the way people are getting and staying connected. The connections made on these sites aren’t just staying in the virtual world either. It was because of that I found the group [Spreenkler], which led me to giving a presentation on YouTube, which led me to being on the cover of a magazine. Kids and adults are managing and making all kinds of real world events through the use of sites like Facebook and MySpace. And business professionals everywhere are “making shit happen” through sites like LinkedIn. It’s all very awesome.


I didn’t “get” [Twitter] for the longest time. I do now. Twitter (in my mind) is the beginning of what “web 3.0” will feel like. A seamless connection between the on and off-line realm. With Twitter you answer one simple questions “What are you doing?” Initially it seems like that would lead to an uneventful nothing, ie “I’m clipping my toenails.” But after you get more involved with the community (or build your own) it can lead to “I’m on Water St. drinking a beer.” Followed by 3 of your friends stopping by to join you. That is just scratching the surface though…

OK, So How Do I Use the Web to Transform the World?

I’m so glad you asked. 🙂 Growing up on the Internet has given me a more intimate understanding as to how the web can be used to change the/my/your world. People not so fortunate (or unfortunate 😉 ) to have grown up in this fashion now have a free resource to answer that question:

[The Websters’ Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World, by Ralph Benko]

Click that link, fill in the form on the right, download the book, read the book. 😀

If you can’t tell, I’m very excited about the existence of this book. It’s written from a political point of view, but the information within can be applied to anything your mind can dream of.

Real Examples of Transforming the World

What better way to transform the world than teaching others how to transform the world? What I did (for an example) is stick my head into some web communities I’m a part of and shared this book with them. I’ll start with the post that probably came out the best, the others I wrote were somewhat rushed:

[Something] – A buddy on told me about Something Awful. I was bored earlier this year, registered and got my ass handed to me in a debate about Universal Health Care. Haven’t been back since. lol SA is a hardcore forum community. Serious business it it.

[] – My first real online community.

[EpicFu] – I love EpicFu. It’s a good example of what media will be like in the future. Highly interactive (and full of win).

[I-Power] – I love the I-Power crew too. They’re ALL about some “democratic Organizing.” You should check’em out a little more Ralph. [Here’s one of they’re little projects.]


That was a long ass post…

So what I have is a free eBook telling you how to transform the world using the web. I’m going to keep doing my best to transform the world into one that is “better” for you and me. What I want you to do is [download the eBook], read it and share it with people you think would enjoy it (blog, twitter, email, MySpace Bulletin Blast, print it out and hand it to them, whatevers). 🙂

Operation raise $16,000 for [Room-to-Read] commences October 1st. Stay tuned…

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8 Responses to How to Use the Web to Transform the World

  1. You said: “What started as a retaliation to Scientology trying (for the over 9,000th time) to repress free speech, backfired into a massive attack on Scientology by the Internet. ”

    That’s a really weird thing to say, because the Scientology in-house video of Tom Cruise was the property of the Church. It’s their video. They own it. It’s not the property of others to spread all over the internet. It has nothing to do with “free speech”. The “backlash” you speak of was that of spoiled children raised on YouTube who are growing up under the false notion that all media is theirs to do with as they please.

    I know a lot of hipsters think that we’re happily entering an anarchic new world where there’s no such thing as copyright and anyone can steal anything from anyone and put it all over the net anytime, but you’re wrong. So wrong. Time will make this evident.

    (By the way, I love Barack Obama too, and I do agree with you that he is changing the way things are done, for the better.)

  2. miltownkid says:

    Hey J.R.,

    Yeah, I’m aware of that. I guess I wasn’t 100% on my facts with that one. But, on the other hand, Scientologists have had many legitimate sites taken down using their legal might. So it was well deserved I think (even if what instigated it happened to be something they owned the copyright too).

    If it wasn’t for their actions in the past, it wouldn’t have happened that way. I believe this is what some Indian religions refer to as “Karma.”

  3. miltownmom says:

    Wow! So much information. I never feel like I have enough time to take it all in–tomatoes to pick and can, calls to make for Obama, housework, visiting the nursing home. I did click the link to the e-book and I promise I’ll try and read it if my eyes hold out:)

  4. notaot says:

    J.R. you’re showing a distinct lack of slack considering the namesake you’ve lifted 😉

  5. ronbothunter says:


    The Scientologists still under the mind control of the anti-God Cult’s Ronbot staff, still have not received full disclosure on the facts that Ex-Scientologists now know about THE GREATEST SCAM ON EARTH!!.

    The Ronbots still in the Anti-God Cult are not allowed to question ANYTHING and are not allowed to research anything. Yet they are encouraged under the Fair-Game policy to hurt, harm, sue, slander, attack, hit, abuse, libel, lie, scam, rob, etc. or even kill Ex-Scientologists or their own families who dare to expose the facts and the truth.

    These Ronbots—now called ZOMBIES AND SCILONS by the non-ex-scientology public, are used as sacrificial lambs by the Cult to open groundless and frivolous lawsuits only designed to destroy and make the ex-Scientologists and the public afraid to expose them.

    But “Ronbot Hunters” or “Zombie Hunters” are now learning how to fight back to stop and destroy the Godless Ronbots — who allowed un-ethical lawsuits to be made in their names.

    The Ronbots use the anti-God “Fair-Game” policy to destroy Ex-Scientologists, innocent mothers and fathers and now Ronbot Hunters are learning to use the Constitution and Commercial laws and remedies, contract laws and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to protect their rights.


    The fact that fanatical Ronbots are not allowed to read what they will or desire, tells you that the Cult fears knowledge of the truth.

    But the truth can only be exposed by “the statements of the majority”, with personal first hand knowledge of Scientology.

    Since Ronbots never know all the facts, their statements in defense of the Cult is biased, because they are prohibited from research of the facts – their opinions are also invalid.

    To learn the truth — you must learn what the MAJORITY of free-minded Ex-Scientologists claim.

    They claim this well known fact—that the Church of Scientology is a GODLESS CULT.

    They also claim that the Study technology of Dianetics was stolen from two laws of nature. Physiological Reactions and the laws of Cause and Effect.

    This evil anti-god cult has its own Navy and armed bases, CIA type agencies, saboteurs, assassins, bullies to hit and set you up, infiltrators and spies in other churches and in the government. They have brain-washed Ronbots with weapons of mass destruction (fully automatic) just ready to blow you away. They are dangerous to all mankind and to all real religions of the world.

    Do not fear to learn what both sides have to say on any issue. Always seek full disclosure on everything.

    Read what Ex-Scientologists have to say, find out what the MAJORITY CLAIMS.

    Find the truth and never allow others to tell you what to think, do or say. Always seek out the truth — even if you will be fired or kicked-out from the Cult.

    Don’t be a ZOMBIE – use your own self-determinism –dare to demand the truth!!!


    Sincerely yours,

    All Rights Reserved

  6. kevin says:

    Hey MTK,

    Thanks for the link. Did you read the whole thing already? I started reading it, but got a little bogged down in the whole political/organizational element. Did you find anything in it that gave a different or better perspective than all the ‘make money online’ stuff?

    By the way, I think you should remove the link to J.R.’s site. Sort of like if Al Qaeda made a website promoting themselves as an organization of peace, you still wouldn’t allow them to promote it on your own blog. Speaking of which, I recently met someone who claims to know someone (yeah, I know, doesn’t sound very convincing) who sat at a table with L Ron Hubbard at a sci-fi convention when he said, “wouldn’t it be funny if I made up a religion?” (not a direct quote).

  7. notaot says:

    Rather than suppress J.R.’s site, why not promote the one he stole his name from? Praise be to the one true Bob:

  8. Magdalicious says:

    I like the flying spaghetti monster my self…. more fun less RRRR


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