Over 9,000 Penises and They’re All Raping Children


Disclaimer for miltownmom and other moms and old folk that don’t “get it”:

I thought I’d do a little bit of homework (witch equals a TON more than Oprah did) about pedophiles on the internet. I found one article that seemed pretty well put together. Here it is (I hope you don’t need to register) [“On the Web, Pedophiles Extend Their Reach” – New York Times] I’ll keep it short. The internet isn’t good or bad. It’s a tool. Just like guns, knives and all those kinds of things. Some people are going to use this tool to organize their presidential campaign, others will use it to share information about messing with kids, and still others will use it to cause havoc for fun and laughs. I think it’s important to know and understand all of these things, act when necessary and laugh when it’s funny. Oprah saying “Over 9,000 Penises” is SUPER funny.

This is a good follow up to that [Brack Roll’d] post. I also talked about this in [my most recent vlog.]

You might be asking yourself “Why are you laughing at over 9,000 penises raping children? That isn’t funny” You are correct, that isn’t funny. But what IS funny is Oprah broadcasting the anonymous comment of someone that is obviously connected to [the Internet Group Anonymous] like it’s fact. That was an epic fail for Oprah and an epic win for Anonymous/some anonymous kid. Why? First we need a little history…

I will not attempt to explain why the following video is funny. I thought it was the stupidest thing on the planet when I saw it at first. Then, over time, it got funnier and funnier. Whether you find it funny or not isn’t important for this post. What is important is the title:


This video has been viewed millions of times and there has been over 9,000 parodies made from it in the form of videos, images and… anonymous postings on message boards.

Now lets visit exhibit B:

Oprah vs. over 9000 PENISES

Now for some parodies…

RE: Oprah vs. over 9000 PENISES f/ Pedobear

That jazzy tune came from here: [davidstuneshop.net – 9,000 bellends! Oprah FTW!]

Re: Oprah vs. over 9000 PENISES

OPRAH trolled by OVER 9000 penises.

[The Oprah’s page on ED for great justice]

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11 Responses to Over 9,000 Penises and They’re All Raping Children

  1. Magdalicious says:

    dude……. doesn’t Oprah have like and army of people to filter things like that to make sure she doesn’t say silly things like that? lol pretty funny that someone got that through though….

  2. miltownkid says:

    She might have known that it was fake and used it anyway (which makes it even worse in my opinion).

  3. Magdalicious says:

    Hu? why would she do that?

  4. Willy Ghostin says:

    I think she did it on purpose, if you look at the demographics on her primary viewers you would see that this used to catch their attention and bring fear. Just like the news moguls do in tandem with the government for the war on terror. All to get ratings and such.

  5. miltownmom says:

    Why are you wasting your time on this stuff? Don’t you have better things to do?

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  7. David says:

    Hey MiltownMom, lay off the Kid. 😀 Thanks for the support dude, linkbacks always appreciated. And you wrote a good summary of the issue.

    However, you missed Bill 1738. For me, this all started because Oprah is putting her considerable weight behind this new Big Brother law, which is one of the most evil pieces of legislation since the Patriot Act.

    Bill 1738 will require ISPs to log every move you make online, and store that data for analysis by law enforcement. It’s the digital equivalent of the state installing a camera in your lounge on the offchance that you might do something wrong.

    It has NOTHING to do with child porn; they are merely marketing it using paedophilia because every time they’ve tried to get it passed, it gets kicked out. But now, by calling it the Protect Act and getting Oprah on board, it has a real chance of becoming law.

    And THAT is why I wrote the tune. To do my part in derailing the juggernaut.

    OK *and* because it was funny.

  8. Magdalicious says:

    Hey, please be nice (or at least polite) to miltownmom..she is entitled to her opinion :).

    Interesting (in a horrifying manner) about the Bill 1738 I’d never hard about that…. 😦 I thought America was the land of the free, not looking to free from the outside.

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  10. Anonymous kid says:

    My cousin was the one who typed that comment!!!!

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