miltownkid LLC

miltownkid LLC is my “plan.” I’m sure miltownmom is going to love it… But actually, maybe she will. Lets see. But first, for anyone that missed part 1 and part 2, you might want to get caught up:

Part 1 – [Decisions Decisions]
Part 2 – [Flying Dead Birds and Omens]

Before getting into this story I think it’s important to note that I recently finished reading [“Born Standing Up”] (tales from Steve Martin about being a stand up comic) and I’m currently reading [“Losing My Virginity”] (Richard Branson’s story about building up Virgin). Both of these books have been giving very precise insight about the road to “success.” I put success in quotes because I feel very successful already, the success I’m referring to is one connected to dollar bills.

The Situation at School

So everything is clear and worked out at school now. The arrangement I have is I’ll get to make up whatever title I want at the school and I’m going to work there for no pay. I know this sounds strange BUT it will give me the flexibility to do things exactly how I want them done and when I’m available to do them. The title is the more important thing as I’ll get to keep them on my resume as working there (for the exact title I want to use) while I’m looking for new work (that fits perfectly in line with my passions). I think I’ll also be able to develop some interesting and profitable events around the school (or at least get a bunch of new experience). “Like what?” you may ask yourself. Like organizing an event where parents could come in, meet with some vendors and order computers/internet (with someone there to help them with their decisions).

Time to Tighten Up!

For the longest time I’ve been very sloppy about my expense tracking. The thought of a full-time job paying what it paid was making me even sloppier. I recently finished reading a section of the “Losing My Virginity” book where Sir Branson describes needing to sell his car, selling his houseboat, turn off the heaters in the pools, lease all the recording equipment, sell off extra houses, etc. This was at a time when all types of money was flying around. I need to do the same thing. I won’t go into the details but I’m going to cut back on every little thing I can and start tracking every single dollar going in and out again (like I did so well for a number of years in Taiwan).

miltownkid LLC

I long ago registered that name to do business under and I’m going to start doing business. The first item of business being paying rent for the offices ;). Then I’m going to get some staff together that may need to work for the experience of it at first, but I feel strongly that we’ll get to being QUITE profitable. I’m going to focus on only the things that are interesting to me and focus on making those things profitable. I work for me now. No one else.

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3 Responses to miltownkid LLC

  1. miltownmom says:

    What would be wrong with being paid as a consultant? Is there any reason working for free is better than working as a paid consultant?

  2. magdalicious00 says:

    I was wondering that myself.. I assume there is some kind a reason beneficial to you?

  3. ghostin says:

    You’re getting hustled by that school. You should expect some sort of pay. Unless you owe the city for crime and your sentence was community service, you should be getting a paycheck.

    As for the LLC, getting a gig as a paid consultant is tough because people want to see that you have results from previous clients. I say get back to your “contract” make some money, on the side focus on the LLC even if it means giving up time on your other objectives.

    For example, I want my LLC to be poppin, but I need to work and keep food in my son’s mouth, and still go to school. On the side the LLC will have to wait until I get a break to focus on it. Luckily at work I have a chance to expand on my knowledge for my business. I think the school would’ve done that for you. Because running the lab you could accomplish a multitude of things:

    1. Stay up to date on your youtube vids with content.
    2. Work on the boards, and other Inet marketing ideas at work via PC (shared space, email, etc.)
    3. Teaching kids that they’re are not limited to their environment. (giving back to the ‘hood, and helping kids see a way out)
    4. Collect a paycheck because we both know that labs are not that hard with users & permissions.

    Just my two cents, regardless of whatever you do. I got you, and just want you to “Get Up”.

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