Decisions Decisions

So it took me all of 3 weeks to get fed up with working full-time. I talked to the owner yesterday evening and he said that if I was mainly interested in setting up the computer lab and not teaching that another contracted type deal would have to be worked out. That’s totally understandable to me.

So… Right now, I don’t have to report in to school tomorrow. There’s a part of me that’s like “Casey. Go to school, finish up the things you started and maybe even work out a teaching schedule that you’re happy with,” and then there’s another side of me that’s like “FUCK THAT! Stay home. Chillax, get some work done and focus on this internet cash machine.” The most appropriate answer I’m sure lies somewhere between those two choices.

It’s no wonder some people get turned on to socialism. The average persons pursuit of $ mucks so much stuff up. That comment is related to some of the things I witness at the school. I’ll refrain from commenting on them at the moment though. What I do know is that I want to setup a computer lab and that I want to teach Mandarin Chinese. What I’ve learned with this experience is that I also want/need to do it on MY terms.

Now I’m going to go for a run, come home and meditate, eat a bowl of oatmeal and ponder my next moves…

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6 Responses to Decisions Decisions

  1. magdalicious00 says:

    mmm dilemma… I agree, I think something in the middle would be good. Could you work something out where you work part time? So you teach a little 1 or 2 classes and do the technology stuff? I think some variation on that would make everyone happy in the end. I’m sure you find the best solution for yourself.

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  3. John Gardner says:

    Here’s the deal, independent of our work on the CSPNA Membership Committee:

    1. I will help, support, coach, train, and back-door for you, along with the very influential person to whom I introduced you on Saturday, to secure a Teaching Assistant position at the MPS Chinese Immersion School when and if you so decide.

    2. You will help, support, coach, train and back-door me to minimal competency in designing, developing, devolving and — if and when I secure the necessary funding — possibly serve as WebMaster and Director of Internet Communications — for the Careers Curriculum Co-operative.


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  5. miltownkid says:

    @John Gardner – Sounds good to me. I’m sure we’ll figure a bunch of it out tonight.

  6. ghostin says:

    I can see how in some way you maybe burnt out, but what about the kids? You’re purpose was to be there for the kids, as a teacher? In life we do get burnt out, and sometimes we want to just lay down and eat oatmeal, but in the same regard this could be a path where you blossom in a way that you may never have imagined. I say stick to the 40 hour work week for the kids. Teach them the lessons you been wanting to teach them (or at least what few blogs you have posted). Because in all reality, look what happened before you had the job? Just something to look at in its entirety.

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