Manna From Heaven…

Immediately after [yesterday’s post titled “Last $1”] I discover that… it wasn’t my last dollar. Everything told me it should have been though. But before I get into that story, I’d like to point out how interesting [the Wikipedia entry about Manna is.] 😀 Being a gamer, I know about Manna because of the AWESOMENESS of a game called [“Secret of Mana.”] Anyhow, back to the story…

So… The last time I checked my bank balance it was sadly negative. The only cash I had was from working at the club last week and yesterday I spent the last little bit of that money I had on a double quarter pounder meal from Mc Donalds (anyone that religiously follows my videos would know that when I’m stressed out, Mc Donalds is my bestest friend). 😀 Anyhow, after that transaction I was left with $1 and some change…

The funny thing about all of this is I have a check on my desk for $150 that I don’t want to spend because it’s like my first $1 from business or something. I haven’t even opened it. Inside it says (in the memo area) “Youtube Consulting.” 😀 That PWNS! Anyhoo… Yeah, so my last dollar wasn’t REALLY my last dollar, but it was the last little bit of money I thought I had access to after the bank closed at 5 and my account balance was negative.

Well, turns out it wasn’t. I didn’t find out it wasn’t until after telling the bartender “I can’t pay,” and him telling me “You came out and drank and don’t have $6?” lol (Note: For the record I had arranged for someone else to cover me but they forgot. :P) When I got home I discovered that there was some “Manna from Heaven” in my bank account and I actually could have paid. Ah well… Life’s like that sometimes.

The School Website

With this bonus amount of scratch I discovered, I decided to buy the domain name for the school website. 😀 It was a VERY smooth process. I purchased it through [Google Apps]. It was $10 and because I did it through them they automatically setup all the apps services to work for you. I’ve already “manually” set those services up on another domain, so it isn’t really that hard to do, but for internet novices it’s a nice service they provide (doing it for you.)

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2 Responses to Manna From Heaven…

  1. Willy Donuts says:

    LEAVE McDonald’s alone. Watch Supersize Me, and you’ll get a glimpse. It’s nice to visit every so often not on a religious basis. Seriously, get instant oatmeal (cheaper, more fiber, less fat, healthier, and Maple Brown Sugar is the truth.) you’ll save money, prevent diabetes, hypertension, and have some extra chang ein your pocket. ALso look for local spots and spend funds there. You want blow up Brew City help out the locals and get them on your youtube channel. Free adertising, maybe free food for you. (Timbuktu, Good Life (my cousin owns it), and there are plethora of others)

  2. magdalicious00 says:

    lol yeah I tried all that logic.. he just smiles nods and bites into his burger 🙂

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