The Wonderful World of Youtube

I thought I’d share some of the “random events” I ran into on Youtube today. First, a freestyle someone decided to share with me. I’m guessing it was inspired from [a video I recently did about hip hop]:

Subject: I’m not a rapper

Got my Iphone friday, and a freestyle came to me today in the shower:

Iphone 3G, three times gangsta!
If you don’t have one, you must be a wanksta!

Haters talking noise over the phone, thinking it’s all good…….CLICK CLICK GPS, takes me straight to your hood!

You’re in the club waiting for the right song/ frontin’ with your ice on/ but she knows you’re not a baller, because you don’t have the iphone!!

So random. LOL And THEN… during the liveshow last week I called up Robonutz and pressed for a time when the Xbox 360 Death video would be done. He said it would be done Sunday (guess what? That’s today!) Going through my subscriptions I noticed this video:

Hurry up Robonutz

Youtube is a fun place to hang out on. 😀

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1 Response to The Wonderful World of Youtube

  1. magdalicious00 says:

    Ha… I wonder if the pressure will make him do it sooner?

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