I’m Playing Hookie Right Now – (LOL School Sucks!)

I’m suppose to be in some training thing provided by [Catapult Learning] but I decided to hide from the suck in one of the classrooms that has internet. 😀

I already sat through one session two days ago and… Well, think about this. She’s supposedly teaching me how to teach and I’m fucking bored out of my mind! I mean… I guess that’s the usual protocol for dealing with adults but… MAN! I already got busted though and might have to go in during one of the breaks. 😛

Schools Waste Money

No surprise there eh? But… I’m learning that it’s kind of not their fault. You have companies like “Catapult Failing” out to get all their dollars. I MIGHT be speaking too soon, but I doubt it. I heard the actual dollar amount our school is going to be (forced to be) spending on this company and… Yeah, a waste. Check out their “mission statement”:

Our mission is to be the preferred partner of schools, school districts, community organizations and families, providing research-based educational and support services designed to improve student achievement.

They say it plan as day in the mission statement. Let me translate the bolded part for you, “to be the preferred destination of large sums of money of”.

Anyhoo… I’ll see how it plays out as the year goes by. I’d feel a little better about that company if their mission statement started with something about helping kids pwn at life. But that’s not REALLY what they’re all about. Bitches.

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3 Responses to I’m Playing Hookie Right Now – (LOL School Sucks!)

  1. magdalicious00 says:

    Yeah I always worry when someone wants me to do a teacher training that bores the hell out of me…. I always feel the urge to tell them if you can’t keep my attention how do expect to hold a child’s using this technique???

    You know I really wonder if the reason so many schools and things of that nature end up wasting money and resources is a direct result of their own personal ‘poor education’ in things of a useful nature coupled with the fact that most people are terrible at managing their personal finances, never mind a nice big school budget. I feel like that’s far to obvious to be it and if that were the case some one would have done something to rectify it already….but I have a sinking feeling … that this is exactly the problem and no one seems to see it.

  2. Recessive says:

    When will school go back to 1 on 1 and 1 on 4 sessions?

    when they finally stop this slaughter house style of teaching like shoving them through areas until there clear and thrown out, then they can go back to traditional master and apprentice, which creates a bond that has been lost.

    That would really create a Pwning life expirience. Sounds like your doing all the right things so far.

  3. Willy Donuts says:

    I think you should of sat in those sessions regardless of how they sucked, because you can provide input and challenge the instructors. Being in that situation you can remember what it means first hand to be in the same situation as the children who are taught in that exact manner and you have the ability to switch it up. Just my two cents. You’ll be a great teacher, especially if you are different from the bunch and challenge the system in regards to pressing out it’s kinks and inspire children that they have the power to change, even if the come from some where on 37th and Clarke.

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