Traditional Schooling, Prepare to be Butthurt…

lol. [Butthurt]

Anyhow, a large part of me taking this full-time teaching position is because I have an opportunity to expose the SUCK that is traditional schooling. I’m tired of kids saying “school sucks” and then adults/parents saying “shut up it’s good for you.” That shit is NOT go for you. Kids are right, parents/adults are generally wrong (in my opinion.) Kids lack the vocabulary to to express what they know (either consciously or unconsciously.) And what they know is that something is VERY wrong with the experience they’re having.

Anyhow, I mostly wanted to brain dump some thoughts/ideas I noted down while at school yesterday.

Well… I don’t really have time to make a post like that. I’ll get back to the butthurting. Basically my plan is to do a bunch of cool things that any school could be doing but aren’t. On top of that I plan on making it VERY clear that the guy that came up with these cool things doesn’t have a college degree AND almost didn’t get the job because of this limiting factor.

Basically I feel like this is an opportunity for me to payback the school system for being comprised of so much SUCK and FORCING me to go through with it. I could have been doing WAY cooler things, like flipping, playing video games, reading books, messing with computers. Things that would have been WAY more useful today than… Whatever the crap it is they supposedly “teach” in schools these days.

These parents got it right [allowing their kid to drop out of school to play guitar hero professionally.]

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4 Responses to Traditional Schooling, Prepare to be Butthurt…

  1. MTK's Latina says:

    hmmm… i somewhat agree, but don’t you think that at times kids don’t really know what is good for them and that at times parents do need to be there to guide them and tell them what is really good for them? a child surely needs guidance and can’t always know what is better for him/herself.
    i am sure that it ain’t always necessary for a teacher to be a university graduate in order to give proper education (research belize on that… all you need is a bachelor’s or masters degree) but i do think that teachers teaching specific fields need to pass some kind of exam in order to ensure that students are being taught something right and not just some bullshit. the way that the teacher decides to carry on the class and how to teach (making sure that the point does get across to them) i would say should be totally up to the teacher.
    wouldn’t you agree on this?

  2. Recessive says:

    MTK’s Latina, kids always know whats right for them. Once you breadkdown all the bullshit, life pretty much comes down to:

    1. Am I happy?

    2. Am safe and in well-being

    If either of these are false, something IS wrong. Regardless if you NEED to learn it or not, life is about the expirience why the hell go through things if you arent satisfying yourself.

    Forcing a child through it only makes it worse.

    We’ve created a society where the most energetic and curious part of life is taken and shoved in a cell.

    Obviously SOMETHING is wrong.

  3. magdalicious00 says:

    @Recessive, Really well said! Most kids do know what’s best. When I was a kid I remember thinking that growing up looked a bit bum with all the stress and unhappiness that seemed to be going around. Luckily I grew up somewhere where I was allowed to just be a kid and enjoy life (outside of school that is), and have tried to maintain it. I do agree with the idea that some guidance can help, but I think the traditional settings and guidance that are currently provided take far more away from the youth than nurture their growth.

  4. Willy Donuts says:

    I have to disagree somewhat in regards to kids knowing whats best. I feel the problem is more of the teachers and parents not connecting wit their children. Traditional school sucks because of all of our teachers sucked (except for a few). Now look at college, how different is college? IN regards to material you are learning? You still read, write, solve equations, discuss what you learn, etc. But in college (other than lectures) people listen. That is the number one difference between the two. In primary/ secondary, you are forced to swallow what you are told, even though it maybe be wrong (history) or it’s doesn’t fit your life style.

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