First Day of WORK Work

I haven’t had a 40 hour a week 9-5ish type job since… around 2000. And that one doesn’t really even count seeing as it was third shift and I would sleep most of the time. It was a tech support job and during the 3rd shift hours I’d get like 2 or 3 calls. So instead of waiting attentively for the next call, I’d either sleep or play SNES ROMS (I beat Chrono Trigger twice at that job.)

Anyhow, this is the new teaching gig. I’m really looking forward to how it will all turn out. Well… I need to get going in about 12 minutes.

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1 Response to First Day of WORK Work

  1. Lui Sieh says:

    Yo! Looks awesome, you changed. Lol. I can’t believe it, you went to the dark side and gone to the ubiquitous wordpress :). I’ve done the same hehe.

    Looks good dude and good luck with your new gig! Teaching is sharing and caring and that’s Good Thing[tm]!

    Rock on and be well 8-bit kid!

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