How I REALLY Feel About Religion

Perhaps I’ll make a video version of this one day…

Whilst taking my morning shower I was thinking about religion and how I feel about it. Well, not so much how I feel about it (I’m very comfortable with my feeling/understanding of religion in general) but how to express this feeling to others in a way that… wouldn’t upset them too much. I thought I came up with a really good metaphor (or analogy, I get the two confused. :P)

Anyhow here’s the thought:

Religion is the continued propagation of an idea like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, for adults.

Boom. Nice and simple. Can you think back to when Santa was “real”? What if there was an organization whose main goal was to make sure everyone on the planet got presents on Christmas? That’s what religion is for a number of beliefs/ideas.

Now this is where I save myself from anyone countering my thought. I won’t say which (false) beliefs are being propagated by whom (except for [Scientology, they’re TOTALLY BALLZ]), what I will say is that it is (or should be) up to the individual to discover what is “right” for themselves (with guidance here and there.) [Some] Organized religions fucks up this process with smoke and mirrors getting adults to continue to believe in an adult version of Santa Claus.

Analogy vs Metaphor

Thought I’d do a google search and sort this all out. I think it’s too early for me to try to understand [the #1 page for the search term “analogy vs metaphor”]. 😛

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3 Responses to How I REALLY Feel About Religion

  1. McCunt says:

    Jesus # Religion # katholic church.

  2. Rob says:

    lol finally someone realized the picture, i think this way also and if i tell someone im retarded aparently :/

    why do you think theres more then 1 version of everything, i believe if it really happened then why make up lies? there should be one FACT? why isnt there? also i could make a book right now saying god is a flamin hamster and make a name for this religion i bet people will believe in it LMFAO

  3. Willy Donuts says:

    Nice idea, religion is a front in some regards…Let me take that back. Religion used to mean something. I believe it was a adamant as spirtuality that they went hand in hand. SO for someone who is spiritual, going to church or having a religion was like the club meeting. Share your life experience(s), and such and help others with their problems, nothing like today where it’s all about flashing your riches, and passing judgment (Christians should know better).

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