Drinking Juice Naked

So… I got back from my morning run and was about to jump in the shower and I say to myself “Oh! I didn’t eat breakfast yet.” So I make myself a bowl of cereal. I decide to wash down the cereal with a nice glass of Roundy’s Grapefruit Juice and mostly do when BOOM! Spillage all over me.

What makes this blogworthy to me is I NEVER spill stuff like that. I mean Juice EVERYWHERE, all over me and the floor. I found it interesting that I happened to be naked at the time AND about to get in the shower. What if I had just gotten out of the shower, got some nice stuff on and then BOOM!

I wonder if my motor skills decided to take a break because they knew I was naked and about to get in the shower and there wasn’t much to risk… Science may one day answer that question for me.

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1 Response to Drinking Juice Naked

  1. magdalicious00 says:

    LOL this wins the most amusing blog post award!

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