The Palm Supermemo Chinese Databases

I put my HEART AND SOUL into these things so… That has made me reluctant to post them online over the years. I also have/had plans to make some UBER COOL Chinese learning software based on Supermemo and… well not necessarily these databases, but what I learned from making and using them.

When I say heart and soul, allow me to explain…

I am (or have been) diagnosed with bipolar. During my first year in Taiwan I was… pretty manic and used a lot of that energy for studying Chinese. I entered these flashcards into my palm via the PC or the palm itself, one by one for hours a day probably lasting… I don’t know how long. At home, on the subway, etc.

Anyhow, there are MUCH faster ways to create databases like these now, but… Well, if you have any questions about how to use these or whatnot, leave them in the comments and I’ll edit this post. I guess what I want now is recognition. If you end up using these databases and love them the way I did (and do) give me a pack on the back with a comment or something. 😀 I wanted to get some shit setup and sell them (and finish them first :P) but… ah well. Just buy me a beer if you see me out.

Oh yeah. Another reason I never made them “public” is because they’re kind of unfinished so… Well, just know that they’re beta. 🙂 (But still VERY awesome.)

[The Supermemo Website]
[Palm Version of Supermemo (that these databases work with)]

Note 2: The charge for these is feedback. I think there is NOTHING better than supermemo (for some people) for learning a language after my experience with Chinese.

Without further ado….

[The Database Files]

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10 Responses to The Palm Supermemo Chinese Databases

  1. magdalicious00 says:

    Can we use them with out a palm?

  2. BC_01 says:

    Greatly appreciated. I know it is painstaking work putting these together so a big thank you for having the generosity to share them.

  3. miltownmom says:

    If you go to, is that just a version of the software you used to create your learning program, or is that what you created?

  4. mockingbird says:

    magdalicious00: i use a program to called ‘styletap’ to emulate palm apps on ppc, it works. For some reason the ppc version of supermemo is completely different and doesn’t have drill/test/half the capability of the palm version…

    miltownkd: which fonts do I need to install to view your database well? Can I create database using sm2006 on the pc then export to palm SM?

    Thanks for the database!!!

  5. magdalicious00 says:

    @mockingbird Thanks!

  6. Amosnomor says:

    mockingbird, I think you need to run CJKOS with Big5 (traditional) fonts to display this database properly.

  7. clawtang says:

    Props for the files. Would love to know where I could get more. I will be making some of my own, and maybe I will post them sometime myself.


  8. Going_To_Singapore says:

    I’ve just learned that we’re moving to Singapore for three years. Your database has saved me countless hours of work. Thankyou!! Great idea putting the words into book chapter categories – now I know exactly where to start. You rock!

  9. Peter S. says:

    Hi ! i am eager to try these collections, but I can’t access them, the link seems to be dead… is this a problem on my side or yours?

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