Taichi Classes Are Coming!

I’ve finally set an official start date for my Taichi class, August 3rd. I also know the theme for my class now, competition push-hands. The nice thing about teaching a (China/Taiwan style) competition push-hands class is I won’t have any competition to worry about. There’s no one out there teaching the stuff I’m going to be teaching, the way I’ll be teaching it.

No point in writing too much about it. If you’re interested in Taichi I made a simple web page with more information. [Click here to read more about Taichi]

Here’s the little promo video I made:

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3 Responses to Taichi Classes Are Coming!

  1. Magda says:

    How often and how much will the classes be?

  2. Simen says:

    I`d like to be a part of that class. Looks very cool.

  3. Steven says:

    I like your enthusiasm, and I like the enthusiasm of the sport follower.

    It misses the point of the deadly martial art once referred to as T’ai-chi Chuan. Worse, competition, in this way, reinforces bad Taiji.

    I wish y’all used a different name for it. Or, maybe I should.

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