Down to My Last $7

Lol! That’s the first thing that comes to mind. The internet is so AWESOME. This isn’t the first time I’ve dipped super low with “cash on hand” but… it’s a little more interesting this time around. Because of the nature of the internet, the fact that my cash is low “offline” does little to effect my online presence. I think this is why (us) nerds get wrapped up into this thing. Offline your eating ramon noodles, got no friends and your feet stink. Online your MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, pwning n00bs, an internet tough guy, master of talking to womenz on the MySpaces.

Anyhow, that’s a topic for another day. Back to my $7. So basically I haven’t worked for like… 3 weeks. I’ve been rolling on borrowed money, recovered money that I’ve loaned out in the past, and the millions I get from Youtube (sarcasm.) The reason for my absence from work (“regular work”) was to put a few businesses I’m working on into “high gear.” Youtube takes some time everyday and… it’s usually easy for me to do, but when stress is high and the camera is broken (evoking depression… *sad panda*) it’s a bit hard to do. But Youtube wasn’t the meat and potatoes of what was going on. I’ve been running around wheeling and dealing trying to get some other business ventures I have up my sleeve launched. People wouldn’t know it but there are TONS of things you have to do (that don’t pay) when trying to get a business going. Networking (meeting with people), research, paperwork, and a whole bunch of other crap.

Another problem (for me anyway) is the fact that I have this “bipolar” thing. I don’t take medication for it anymore (and I’m not interested in starting again) but what happens is I’ll get into “funks.” When shit is stressful and things looking bleak the funks are worse. So I have to manage those. I ALSO have to manage the HIGHs (those are more fun to manage.) Anyhow, THAT takes time out of the days too. PLUS being obsessive about juggling doesn’t help (I’m still up to those old tricks.) It’s not the juggling though, if I wasn’t juggling I’d be obsessive about something else. It’s just something I have to deal with… 😛

eFame Doesn’t Not = eRich

I’m writing this NOT to complain about being broke. It’s to display a reality for me (and I’m sure many people that have a little bit of “eFame.”) There’s this funny balance of… Of something. Basically, it takes a special type of individual to do this thing. You DEFINITELY can not be doing it for the money, because that may NEVER come. To be quite honest if I was going to focus on something that was all about the money… I would stop making Youtube videos (this Youtube shit is a waste of fucking time… lol But I LOVE it!)

I’m just writing this to keep things “real.” I don’t try to act like I’m living like a rockstar… Well, I kind of am, just without the rockstar money. You don’t need very much money to go out drinking (on nights with drink specials) and play on the internets. I pretty much make JUST enough to get most of the bills paid on time, drink a bit, and eat a sandwich. I guess that’s all I have to say about that. I have some major plans in the works that, if they pan out (the way I expect them to) I’ll be able to party like a rockstar with some rockstar style fundage. 🙂

Note: Superman hit me $20 halfway through this post. 😀 $27 dollars BOYEEE!!!

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2 Responses to Down to My Last $7

  1. ghostin says:

    I feel ya man. My business account is in the red, my account has 1.96 and I’m still trying to get this business popping. Networking is hard, even harder with no money since most places that are good to network cost money to get in. I got WRC Solutions LLC to run, and doing this e-business ( to finish getting started on the catalog, not to mention other stuff. I feel ya brother, but like we’ve talked before all this work pays out in the future, some near some far, and some far, far off in some galaxy.

  2. magdalicious00 says:

    ouch :). Yeah I’m thinking about opening this business and I was pretty surprised at how much pre (unpaid) work there is and the one I’m looking at practically sets up it’s self. I’m sure it’ll all come together for you soon!

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