Milwaukee’s My Playground (and it PWNS!)

Note: HOLY FUCKING BALLZ is Google Maps cool! πŸ˜€ The adventure starts where that little green house is and then moves to the park. If you zoom in a little you can see where things go from there.

Today was an interesting day… It had HIGHS and it had lows… But the end result was a day that very well my be the best day I’ve had since returning to “the States.” The day started like most other days with waking and eating and that whole thing. I was just getting geared up to go into… “Ima get some shit DONE!” mode when I stumbled across [zzz3333’s (Zack) video about “waking up”]. I left a comment and after he replied I decided to make my small contribution to the “cause” (what exactly this cause is is another story…) So then I made [this video].

Something odd happened after that. I exchanged some mails with Zack and he left some comments and I walked away with a… bad taste in my mouth or something afterwards. On the one hand he’s ALL about making “positive changes” and on the other he looks down on people that aren’t… doing it like him? I’m not sure, perhaps that’s another post for another day. What happened after making the video is I got in a funky mood and went to sleep for like 2 hours. Woke up to check the mail and ran into a BEAUTIFUL day. So… instead of going back in the house to get some work done, I went back in the house, grabbed my juggling sacks and decided to go on an India Jones style adventure through the hood…

Doing It In The Park

First I stopped by a park in the neighborhood. That was a MOST excellent trip. I ran into a few of the kids that I met when I made the [“Hood Ninjas” video] and proceeded to school them in juggling basics. One of them asked if I’d be there on Sundays and I was like “Hell mofoking yeah!” I asked them what they wanted to learn and he was like “That karate stuff.” ACE! So I’ll be schooling them up in Taichi pushhands really soon. That’s going to be FUN!

Neighborhood House

The next stop was a place called [Neighborhood House]. I went to this place when I was a little dood. I’d do crafts and roller skate there and shit like that. Good times… Good times… Well, I’ve been meaning to get over there because I want to teach a class or something (I’m thinking Chinese, Martial Arts, or something kind of computer thing.) I rang the bell, someone answered and was like “Bring your ass back here tomorrow and you should be able to talk to someone about that.” AWESOME!

The Chinese Kungfu Center

[THIS is where my martial arts career REALLY started.] Technically it would have started when I was a little dood taking karate because I was all hyped up from karate kid, but THIS is the place where fun and games turned into serious businesses. I thought I’d pop my head in to say hi to an old instructor. He wasn’t in, but another guy I knew was. I said hi, then left. On to the next destination…

Climbing on Buildings and Shit

While crossing the bridge on my way to Potawatomi Bingo and Casino I noticed some steps leading down to the road below. I decided to investigate said steps and BOOM, easy access to rooftops. I decided to jump on’em and explore a little bit. That was fun! πŸ˜€

Potawatomi Bingo and Casino

I decided to stick my head in here to see what was “poppin’.” Not much really. I watched a few games of Black Jack. Smiled at old women. And… That pretty much sums up that trip. I did talk to a guest services guy to get a magazine of the scheduled events for June. I haven’t opened it yet.

Marquette Golden Eagles Soccer Field

I just stopped here for a second and watched guys kicking the ball around and jazz. Not really worth mentioning but BANG, I did anyway. πŸ˜€

Look Out Tony Hawk!

On my way back home I noticed a bunch of kids on skateboards. I was then INSTANTLY reminded that there’s [a skate park there.] I strolled over and looked around. It was actually REALLY cool inside. I’ve decided that I need to be a HARDCORE skateboarder now. They’re going to be doing lessons later this month (and next month.) I think I’m going to have to get on that.

That Will Be $1 To Browse These Titties Sir

On my way to the pizza shop I decided to take a look at JR’s. This is a grimy titty shop with all kinds of DVDs and dildos and such. That would have been the 3rd time in my life checking that place out. They wanted a $1 browsing fee, but I talked’em out of that since it was my “first” time (in over 6 years anyway πŸ™‚ .)

Pizza, Beer and Ms. Pac-Man

This was the most EPIC leg of my journey. It was here that I had a slice of pizza, beat my old Ms. Pacman high score (got 152,000 today) and had a beer while watching the first half of the Lakers vs Celtics game. The pizza was had at a place called LaBrew’s, Can you believe this place had a Ms. Pacman machine WITH a high score scoreboard (a little white board)?! I took the #3 spot in one attempt. It is my new mission IN LIFE to get that #1 spot. I think it was 280,000 or so. I had the beer and watched the game next door.

Epic Journey is Epic

After I got home from all of that I thought to myself HOLY BALLZ did I just see a bunch of different shit in a really short amount of time. On top of that I hoofed the whole trip (in my FLIP FLOP TO THE FACE split toes no less.) Milwaukee truly does kick MAJOR ASS. The amount of garbage on the streets in areas was a little depressing, but… Using my imagination a bit turns this area in to some PIMP mutha fucking SHIT! And to top this awesome ass day off I went to see the Incredible Hulk.

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1 Response to Milwaukee’s My Playground (and it PWNS!)

  1. magdalicious00 says:

    Wow nice day.. what upset you? something specific event? or just dude’s attitude about how everyone has to do it his way or it doesn’t count? I got in an little debate with his buddy or maybe him under a different name.. about it myself this afternoon.

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