Fact: SMPFilms and Other Top ‘Tubers Cheat

If Youtube “drama” and such bores you, definitely skip this one.

You know what? I see a lot of shit that “pisses me off” that I don’t say anything about. I think I understand why this SMPFilms thing is different. Back when I was trying to understand Youtube I ran into this video (by SMPFilms):

How to get MORE VIEWS on YouTube videos.. REALLY!

“I have 45 MILLION views and 100,000 subscribers and here’s how I did it! It’s not as hard as you’d think : )” – SMPFilms (He should have mentioned gaming the system as well…)

I’m listening to it as I write this and it’s still some useful stuff. What upsets me is… HE FUCKING BULLSHITS! I pointed it out in the video above, but basically he talks all this shit about the things you can do to get views, but in reality he [games Youtube] (cheats the system.) He talks all this shit about things to do, but really, he games the system. I’m certain a lot of “top” ‘tubers do, but there’s PROOF that he does it and it’s sitting right on his channel page. It shows 425,000+ “Videos Watched” on his channel. It’s basically impossible to have watched that many (unless you accidentally left yourself logged in running a refresh script.)

[Read about how to game Youtube on this ED article]

[Read about SMPFilms on ED] – You gotta take everything you read there with a grain of salt, but they usually do a bang up job of sourcing things.

I think I’m all done. I usually don’t care about shit like this but I haven’t eaten all day and my Flip is broken (ANG000RZZZZ!!!!) I’m going to go get a fucking sandwich from McDs now. That shit always makes me feel better. 😀

You know what… It’s really because of that video he made. I don’t look into shit much, but I’m pretty sure Lisanova and Smosh have done the same shit, but it doesn’t piss me off as much. Why? Because I haven’t seen a video from them saying “Hey, here’s how you get a bunch of views,” and then it’s a bunch of bullshit that doesn’t mention gaming the system.

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