Contests, Milwaukee and Favorite Videos

Links for the video:
* [Visit Milwaukee]
* [Milwaukee Art Museum]
* [Summerfest] – The World’s Largest Music Festival

Contest Winners

First I’d like to start out saying that I made things purposefully a little (perhaps a lot) difficult to enter. There was an email list to sign up for, then [I didn’t even put the contest video on my main account.] I was wondering how many people would actually go through the motions. A lot of people signed up for the list (nearly 200.) And of those only one video was posted (a very nice one I think.) Interesting… (to me anyway.)

The [Scientology contest] had better results (for a perhaps lessor prize…) Anyhow, that whole thing was highly enjoyable to me. Making that [miltownkid vs Xenu] video was a lot of fun. Here’s the winning video (plus a video from Anonymous that I highly enjoyed.) The winning video might be a little hard to follow if you don’t already know [the Xenu story.] It’s still very enjoyable.

“Project India”

I think I should do a little blurb about the fund raising project I was so excited about for so long. First off, I’d like to thank everyone that donated (and eveyone that REALLY thought about donating 😉 .) I learned a lot making an attempt to do that. I’m retiring that project and will come back with another one shortly with a DEEPER understanding of how these things work. 🙂 I didn’t do any “offline” fund raising and probably could have done very well if I had. In the end I got $1,125. You can see the total on [the FirstGiving webpage.] That money raised will STILL go to the same organization [RoomtoRead]. Questions comments? You know how to contact me. 😉

The Poll



You just got to see a little piece of downtown and the lake. The isn’t much known about Milwaukee outside of Milwaukee. I am planning on changing all of that. 😀 It’s true that Milwaukee can be a HUGE pain in the ass in the winter time, but when things start warming up, this place PWNS! More Milwaukee people, events and history to coming soon…

Favorite Videos

I went through all 250+ videos (I didn’t watch them all of course) the other day and… I was a little suprised at what I saw. I like a lot of the videos I make, but a lot of videos were me, just talking, getting something off of my chest, sharing stuff, etc. I like all that, but I’m surprised so many people hang with me through all that. I myself would like to spend more time making funny/creative “works” but… Life just hasn’t been very accomidating for that. In the winter I was going to school fulltime (15 credits), plus working 20-30 hours a week, plus trying to make Youtube videos (and do all the other crazy stuff I do.) Even this last semester was filled with work, shifting around the house, etc. I have [35 videos in the “miltownkid’s favorite MTK videos” playlist], but I’ll hand pick a few to comment on here.

The Beginning

This is the video that started it all. I only discovered Youtube because I wanted to share this video. [The Real Geeza] recorded that clip for me and emailed it to me later. I’ll never forget how much we laughed about it at Pizza Hut after the event. He must have rewound and watched it like 8 times while we were in there. It was real funny. Anyhow, I had actually already been recording A LOT of video before posting that, but I was just archiving it on my computer for… I don’t know what reason.

This next video was the first video I ever edited by myself. I originally had like 20+ minutes of clips looped together. I was like “Hell yeah! That’s some editing right there.” Then I tried to watch it and was look “Holy BALLS did that suck.” So then I tried to make it shorter just using the highlights from the matches. Then I thought some cool music would make it better (I was worried about legal stuff, but didn’t understand a lot of it.) This video is actually the beginning of me PWNING at BJJ. 😀 Before this video I was always getting PWNED. I just noticed that you can see therealgeeza in the background reffing in this video. (Note: If you don’t know, the song in the video below is done by [Daft Punk] and is titled [“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”].)

I Love Kids

I LOVED teaching English in Taiwan. That shit was lots of fun. I have a bunch of old footage of kids that I’ve never uploaded. I want to spend more time videoing/hanging out with kids. I think people need to spend more time learning from kids instead of trying to teach them so much shit (and the majority of it is shit.)

That video above was a “shoutout” video I did for someone. If I had the time, I’d make one for everyone single person that asked. 😀

Meet miltownkid

This right here would be the “turning point” in my Youtube video making… career? The odd thing is though is that there are 35 videos I made before that. I can’t even remember what reason I had for putting my other videos online. I know I was blogging at the time and I’d probably embed stuff there, but… It was when I made this video that I wanted the question “What the fuck do you guys want me to do?” answered. I still wonder sometimes. I know a lot of people want funny or video game related videos, but… at this point in time if I only focused on that I… probably wouldn’t make many videos. Don’t get me wrong, I have TONS of funny/crazy videos I want to make, but that’s not where my focus is now and what would happen is I would get… wrapped up in my focus. I also know there are people that REALLY want regular videos. Anyhow, I try to balance all of that out the best I can with the means I have. I was surprised that people were like “Do what it is you do!” (the general feeling I got from the comments.)

I’ll NEVER Work That Hard Again

That’s the feeling I walked away with after making this video. I spent half the day getting the shots another half editing and stuff, and then I had to finish editing the next day. I’m sure someone will laugh at me actually believing that was a lot of work, but it was WAY more work than I would want to do making videos (just because there were, and usually are so many other things I want to do in a day.) I also like this video more than [my original Xbox 360 video]. This video (below) has a lot of views now, but whatever it had shortly after making it made me realize that there’s A LOT more to getting views then putting your heart and soul into a video. 🙂 From that day forward I (usually) took the lazy man’s approach to video producing. 😀

For, what I think is, the perfect example of “the lazy… kid’s” approach to video producing, I give you “Prevent the Red Ring of Death – NEW PRODUCT!” This video has almost as many views (in a fraction of the time.) Took me a total of a minute and 33 seconds to make (I didn’t even put it into Windows Movie Maker.) After making it I did a little homework as to what search terms in the title would give it a high ranking and all that jazz. I suppose I could employ all these sorts of tricks to every video I make but… What’s the point?

Pwning Life

There are a bunch of other videos I’d like to comment on and I probably will one day, but this post is getting rather long. I’ll leave things with “Pwning Life.” I have much to say on the topic of pwning life, but I’ll just say this: Too many people are battling other people. The only REAL battle is one with the self. Everything else is an illusion… How much you PWN at life is directly proportional to how much you’ve mastered the self (“extreme” situations not included if you can read this, you’re situation probably isn’t extreme.)

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4 Responses to Contests, Milwaukee and Favorite Videos

  1. miltownmom says:

    I still like the video best on the follow up to the x-box video. The last one was a little long. I don’t want to pwn life. I want to be in my life, not sleepwalking, but a full participant:)

  2. Loganx says:

    I’ve always wanted to check out Milwaukee. My interest has grown ever more so after seeing your welcome video. Good Stuff…

  3. ghostin says:

    Man that Milwaukee vid started bringing tears. Milwaukee is beautiful especially now. Granted Tampa, is nice, but its not Milwaukee. I miss Lake Michigan. I never get the chance to visit the Bay or the Gulf down here. Funny how something as the lake I took for granted. 😦 Thanks for the slice of home MTK, really made me smile.

  4. andy says:

    great stuff man, keep up the vids and i’ll keep it tuned…

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