Businesses are EXCITED about Youtube

That’s RIGHT! You heard it here first (or maybe at least second… or third?) Anyhow, I was a panelist at a seminar about business video earlier today and a lot of people had a lot of questions about Youtube. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it.

Video Links:

* [FINN DIGITAL] (Bill’s Place 🙂 )
* [CS2 Graphics Productivity Solutions]
* [SOHOBiztube]
* [Vander Bloemen Creative]
* [The Eisner Museum]

Why Are Businesses Excited?

I’ll give you a list:
* Everyone’s talking about Youtube
* The [tools Google has provided] that many businesses are unaware. A large interest being in the [Google Analytics style data they call Insight.]
* Free and easy video hosting.
* Youtube’s strength in SEO.
* Audience engagement.

These are just some of the things that perked people’s ears and Youtube is adding MORE features what almost seems like every day (like [Video Annotations], you gotta check that out, it’s CRAZY cool.) I think the main concern that businesses have is… Will it work? Just like some computer savvy folk don’t like messing with Beta (not fully tested) software, some businesses don’t want to mess with Beta forms of marketing.

Well, I’m here to say that I think Youtube is pretty much out of Beta. I’d need to spend more time analyzing the success of different campaigns launched through Youtube (or other video/social media websites), but my gut tells me that there are some MAJOR success stories out there.

An easy one to point to (and I brought it up at the seminar) is the success of Weezer’s song Pork and Beans (I’ll just post it right under here.) I know some people in the Youtube community feel like it was “cheap” because it was basically a simple collab (read: YouTube Collaboration Video) using some of the most highly viewed/viral videos. Basically any video with all of those people in it would have done well. Here it is for your viewing pleasures.

I personally think it’s cool that someone capitalized on that. Good show Weezer. Well played… Well played.

For Businesses

I’m going to type out some of the notes I had in my trusty Moleskin here for you. My “expertise” is with Youtube, Online Video in General, and “Social Media.” So that’s what my notes are mostly about.

Youtube Insight

Youtube insight gives you the when (date and view count), who (age and sex), where (county/state) how (search term used, related video clicked from, etc.) of EVERY video and ALL videos in pretty graphs.

Is it Searchable?

Production isn’t the only thing to think about with online video. Just as or perhaps more important than the video it’s is how it’s going to be presented on the web. What will the thumbnail image be? What title will you give it? What “tags” will you use? What category will it go in? What content will you put in the more info area? These things are important (on Youtube) because these are the things that will give you’re video a high rank in the searches, or align you with relevant related videos (thus bringing you more traffic.)

Everybody Tube It!

Every company should have a Youtube page. There is no reason not to. If getting through “legal” is going to be a problem, get on that first thing Monday morning. What you’d have on your Youtube channel would depend on the size of your company, but I think it would be SO cool for the CEO of companies to do introductions. All you would need is a [$130 Flip Camera] and some free editing software that comes with ALL computers. I’d even let you use my Flip if you ask me really nice. 😀

What’s cool about Youtube is you get FEEDBACK. That shit is GOLDEN for you guys (isn’t it? It should be.) Don’t know what kind of videos to put up? Make a video saying “Hey! We have a Youtube channel now. What kind of videos do you want to see?” And then send that to your email list. Don’t have an email list? WTF?!? Get on that too!

Other Video Websites

There are other video websites as well. I think EVERYONE should be on Youtube just because of the amount of traffic it gets (and the fact that they’re sleeping with Google.) But some other video websites might have better “eyes” for your content ([SOHOBiztube] anyone 😉 .) The number of views isn’t everything. Who’s viewing it is just as important. Quality of views over quantity I say.

OK, I’m done writing this post. It’s time to go play DDR by myself and drink spotted cow.

Oh! I almost forgot. My sexy ass photo shoot picture:

MILTOWNKID on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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7 Responses to Businesses are EXCITED about Youtube

  1. Magda says:

    nice pic.. lol I like all the ‘products’.

  2. Bill says:

    Awesome, Miltown! Great to see you getting some traction with your action!

    You’re on with the guitar hero – pick a Friday afternoon and we’ll throw down! 😛

    I’m going to start a channel and see what happens. BTW – let me know if I can get a MTKlan tee shirt – not one for logos, but I’ll wear that one loud and proud.

  3. miltownmom says:

    Nice job. May the information you provide make the world a better place. 🙂

  4. Jill says:

    Amongst a panelist of professionals with years of experience, you were the belle of the ball. Thanks for bringing the energy and the “cutting edge” to our video event. Looking forward to seeing you in our office soon.

  5. hey – you and Bill look pretty great – and now that you are famous, start getting on the road with some sort of geek act… “MilTown boys done good in Geekland” – I’m sure you could think of something.

    Looking forward to maybe meeting you so I can learn something about YouTube other than political blunders, which I do find quite amusing.



  6. Magda says:

    Apparently my ‘product’ comment wasn’t clear… product red, gap, flip, and the bracelet 😉

  7. Amy Chorew says:

    Thanks for your comment. The FLIP is changing real estate video. Alot of growth still needed, but we are on our way.


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