I *heart* Anonymous

Here are the links that go along with the video:
* The Video of the Week: [“Who is Anonymous?”]
* [The Operation: Sea Arrrgh website]
* [The June 14th Global Protest Category] on Enturblation.org
* ChanologyNews.com
* The Scientology Funny Facts Contest Video (here’s the one I made.)

I Am Not a Member of Anonymous

I’d like to start off by saying I am not a /b/rother, never was, probably never will be. I’m flattered (or disgusted) with the fact that I could come off as one somehow but… nope. I’ve visited 4Chan.org a total of 3 times in my life. Once in Taiwan after a friend told me about it (about… 3 years ago?), once when I did [my initial investigation into Anonymous], and once yesterday.

I totally didn’t get it the first time I went (I was just like “What the fuck are all these stupid ass pictures about?”) The second time I ended up wasting about 4 hours of my life laughing at the most ridiculous shit on there. And yesterday… Actually, I shouldn’t even count that one.

Chan Sites/Anonymous Explained?

What goes on on 4Chan and other sites like this isn’t new (on or off-line.) I think I grew out of that almost 10 years ago. I think looking at the most disturbing crazy shit is a… necessary phase in… “Intraweb Enlightenment?” (I don’t know what the fuck to call it.) All I know is that there was a time in my on-line life that I was jamming threw [newsgroups] CONSTANTLY (like 24/7, it’s when cable internet first came out) downloading every form of porn imaginable (videos, comics, animals, whatever.) I of course liked some stuff more than others, but I had to look at EVERYTHING at least once. I mostly operated alone in my pursuit of ridiculousness (watching people die, watching people throw up and eat it, chicks sucking horse cock then getting slammed by it, you know ridiculous stuff…) I’d share something crazy with my brother or buddy every now and then, but I did the majority of it alone (read “Anonymously.”)

Everyone is Anonymous

Everyone does this shit. Don’t feel bad if you do. Feel bad is you DON’T! lol Now let me connect that to Anonymous. Basically, people can experience that same kind of thing collectively. So the ridiculous, the gross, the etc. spreads like wild fire. This kind of thing must have been going on since… Like the stone age, but back then you’d have to take a mutherfucker to a cave or some shit to show him the tits. Now, it’s all 1s and 0s and done practically instantly. I feel like I left some shit out… The other shit we do growing up. Break windows, egg houses, smash pumpkins. We do that shit anonymously too (for the most part, you might have a litte crew you roll with.) All that shit is a part of growing up (if you haven’t anonymously egged a car yet, go do it so you can get that shit out of your system. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Internet Kids are Growing Up

FUCK I’m rambling. To tie it all together, that’s a part of growing up. The Internet created a new and faster way to experience that sort of thing (and it was new.) Now various members that were there in the beginning are growing up. BUT, just like in real life, some people never grow out of that stuff (and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just how things are.) So now you have members of Anonymous who are like “I wanna actually DO something.” I grew up thinking everything was ALL about the LULZ (lol fuck that looks stupid) as well. Then all of the sudden you have bills to pay, need to eat by yourself (no more mommy and daddy), there are womenz, all that shit. You start to reconstruct some shit in your mind. Then you’re like “LULZ are important, but so are some other things (Is there a God? I might want to have kids now. Why does it hurt when I pee?)” Then it becomes about balancing LULZ with your other shits (whatever those shits might be for you.) I won’t say more than that.

Where I am in life now, I’m all about balancing… LULZ (I hope I don’t get shit for that lol.) and this quote:

“Let your supreme goal be to make others happy in order to gain happiness for yourself.” – Paramhansa Yogananda

I personally feel these are higher brow… I’m not writing that shit again… A higher brow form of on-line comedy. It’s too easy to “not give a fuck” and prank and joke, etc. (Although it still tends to be funny. ๐Ÿ˜€ ) It’s hard to be funny AND “positive.” Compare it to being a gangster rapper and a socially conscious one. Life is about expanding oneself and growing. Hentai, 2 girls one cup videos, who the fuck is that one dude with his ass hole all opened up…* Whatever, that shit (I think) should only last for a second in ones personal growth. Staying there is being stuck.

I Have too Much to Say About This

Fuck, I forgot about a bunch of other stuff. Here’s [a video of me getting that ball] (thanks Jacob!) It’s fucking EPIC (fucking seriously EPIC) what Anonymous has done and is doing to the Church of FUCKING FAIL (I can’t control myself sometimes.) There have been people dedicating their LIVES to bringing down the “church” and exposing them (for YEARS.) Time, money, energy, all kinds of shit. Said church pisses off the interweb and catches a PIMP SLAP FROM THE HEAVENS. In the matter of fucking MONTHS. This shit is history book shit, I’m not even kidding.

I also wanted to say something really quickly about how I think Anonymous will pass (I think in my time even.) I think the “next level of the game” will be the merging of the on and off-line self. Also, privacy is going to be almost nonexistant one day. Kids in the new world will be tagged and monitored their whole life. I’m not even talking about the government. More people are going to record more shit and shit will get more and more connected to the point of where a chick won’t be able to show me her titties without them ending up on MyFace.

This all sounds (and sounded to me) like scary and shit, but what I realized is eventually people won’t give a fuck about what other people are doing and will focus on getting the next girl, drinking the next beer, pwning the next n00b.

Anyhow. Well played Anonymous. Well played.

*I remembered lol. The internet is so ridiculous. I give you the the Flickr group [“First Goatse”] (found that through [this post on the Laughing Squid].)

Note: Fuck that’s a ridiculous ass post.

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2 Responses to I *heart* Anonymous

  1. Magda says:

    nice.. long and rant-esk but entertaining… as for the Lulz… That’s so Marc’s fault lol!

    I think you’re onto something really intersting about the changing of information etc… I was talking about jobs and things the other day and how it’s harder now than it was back in the day because there is too much info easily acquired that people don’t know good info and it’s so readily available that .. it almost messes things up in a way. It’s just so different and is changing so fast… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. miltownmom says:

    This post was a little hard for me to follow. From what you said, I don’t think I’m interested in looking at any of the links. They don’t sound like anything I’d want to see somebody’s daughter or son doing–and I’m NOT lol.

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