My Last Blog Post Here – DONATE!

See [] for the donate information.

I really like blogging and I still will be blogging, just not here anymore. I’ll be spread out across a few websites and places on the internet. I plan on consolidating “everything” to one place ( one of these days, but I don’t know when that day will come. Until then you can find me at these places:

[] – A place to share and learn new things. Focus being on Eastern Philosophy, Technology and Health/Martial Arts.
[ Forums] – A discussion forum where I drive traffic from Youtube and hang out. – My main Youtube account where my hundreds of videos are. I’m most active here right now. – My account that I use to do video responses and general jibber-jabbering.
[ Forums] – A place where the I Power crew (from AtheneWins on Youtube) discusses and bullshits around. I happen to be a mod over there.
[] – An online community focused on making the 414 (Milwaukee) a better place.

Those are the main places you’ll find me online. I’ll update the list if anything else comes to mind. I guess there might be ONE more post with news of the new site when it’s done to my liking, but for now this will be it.


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1 Response to My Last Blog Post Here – DONATE!

  1. Magdalicious says:

    Lol when you said you were going blog again, I totally didn’t anticipate an end to the blog. Goof. How’s the charity going? I have an idea for it!

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