Kicking it with David Lynch and Moby

I need to hurry up and put the footage together from my first time visiting the school. What school? The [Maharishi University of Management.] Unfortunately the founder of the school [Maharishi Mahesh Yogi] passed away this month on the 5th. He must have left the physical realm EXTREMELY pleased with what he accomplished though I would think. What is going in and around the university is a ART. I don’t know what else to call it. They have a beautiful thing going on down there.

Anyhow, there’s going to be [a special visitors weekend] featuring a bunch of people, including Moby and David Lynch. I know who Moby is from music videos like this:

Moby’s also down with vegan eating and all kinds of other GANGSTERNESS! The vegan thing is a little too hardcore for me at the moment, but it’s what I’m aspiring to be.

And I never heard of David Lynch before checking the place out last month, but it appears that he’s pretty groovy too. Shortly after getting back from that first visit, I found this video featuring Mr. Lynch.

Anyhow, I’m all registered now. It should be a good time!

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1 Response to Kicking it with David Lynch and Moby

  1. Magda says:

    Oh wow did you decide to transfer there?

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