Something Awful

A friend, many moons ago while living in Taiwan, told me I should register on the Something Awful forums and that I’d like it there. I of course checked the place out right away, but I obviously wasn’t ready then. They must have seemed too daunting and I was still having fun being a big fish in the small pond of the [] forums.

Well, as of late I have felt a lack of people to debate with and bounce ideas off of and whatnot. I have the forums going on at [] and they are very good for certain things (like general BSing around and such) but something wanted MORE. So today, instead of working on my Marketing Paper, I decided to dive into the [SomethingAwful forums.] The first post I made was in a thread about Chinese. That was fun, but there really wasn’t enough going on in there (I haven’t even checked that post since making it.) Then I decided to jump into a thread about Universal Health Care. OH did the good times roll from that thread…

Anyhow, if all your other forums are starting to feel dried up or you’re looking for a place to… to get down with the “whales” of the intraweb the SA forums are probably one of the best places to go.

That is all for today. I’ve been in front of my computer for like 6 hours straight. It’s time to eat and sleep and do it all again tomorrow. 🙂

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3 Responses to Something Awful

  1. Magda says:

    ahhh I wondered where you had ‘gotten to’ 🙂 glad you found something to amuse yourself (and new people to debate the health care bit with)

  2. skuee says:

    what’s good.

    i never liked the fact that you have to register for SA and pay.

    but whatevs.

  3. bummpy says:

    holy crappy forum layout.

    that turns me away, but I suppose I’ll check it out when I’m not in a school lab

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