Timing… It’s Strange Sometimes

I have this movie I want to upload (two actually) but Youtube is being a fucking bitch right now so I can’t. I’ve never had this problem with Youtube before. It’s funny that it comes a couple days after me upgrading my blog and getting back into blogging…

Something else funny happened the other day. I was out at LandMark Lanes (this bowling alley/arcade) and walked by this dude that was mugging me kind of “hard.” I mugged back at him and walked on, but noted the strangeness of the situation. Well later on in the evening I went to the front of the place to make a phone call (the place is in the basement) and I see that dude again and he says…


Me: “Hmmm… 55th Street? Morse? Bayview?” (All old schools)

Dude: “Nah, but I know you from somewhere.”

Me: “Hmmm.. (long shot) I have some stuff on the internet, maybe you’ve seen that?”

Dude: “YEAH! You’re in that Xbox video! When it dies and shit!”

Me: “Yeah, that would be me.”

*Some thug ass non-homo bear hugging action*

Anyway that night was also the first night I was rolling around with my prototype “business” cards. (They’re basically a mock Google Search page with miltownkid typed in and… Actually… BANG!

Google Card

It looks like that except with miltownkid typed into the search box and it’s a little cleaner than that one.

Anyhow it was strange that the first night I’m out rolling with those things would be the first night I’m recognized on the streets (of Milwaukee) from a Youtube video.

Anyhow… I emailed Youtube about the problems I’m having uploading. Oh, I just renewed my Flickr account as well. Blogging again makes me want to start adding photos to the blog again. I want to try getting all fancy and shit with my photo skills. That and take pictures of fat asses at the club. 😀 (just kidding mom, just kiddin… lol)

And BANG! I just got a video uploaded on my other account… I wonder where this Youtube video problem is coming from… Anyhow, here’s that video.

(Note: If you happen to read this soon after me posting it the video might still be processing and the video unavailable.)

Oh, and this dude AtheneWins fucking WINS. He has a bunch of ridiculous videos on Youtube. I just ran into some other shit that finally inspired me to register to [his forums.] I need to be approved by an admin so no posting for me just say (sad panda 😦 .) Here’s that video:

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4 Responses to Timing… It’s Strange Sometimes

  1. MTK's Latina says:

    i had to actually watch the video on that Athene dude twice! sorry… i just could not help but notice (and laugh) at the girl sitting next to him with the pouring cleavage and her rubbing his back while he was talking… then all of a sudden, there is a small clip of her breasts popping out again… what a way to get attention 😐
    that was tacky… anyway he did make some good points (which was when i listened and focused on him the second time around)

  2. miltownkid says:

    He does the stuff with the girl on purpose. I think to get people’s attention and then drop science like that on them. He’s a pretty funny dude. I should grab one of his funny videos and post it (some of them are really long though.)

  3. Magda says:

    That’s how it starts 😉

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