When I say I’m BACK, I’m saying I’m BACK back now. I’ll be staying really current on here as well as my Youtube. I also want to get my camera out again and start taking pictures of stuff. I think I’m going to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress (the blogging software) wish me luck. 🙂

The Computer Lab in India Project

I’m working on this one again. I’m coming at it from a different angle this time and I have some cool ideas. The first idea was to donate all the money I get from the Youtube Partner Program to the fund until it’s full (or until I hit the NEW end date of June 2008.) I feel confident I will be able to make it happen in that amount of time. Also, take a look at the new video I made and share it with friends. You’re better off viewing this one at the actual link (you’ll see why.)

[Giving: The Gift That Keeps On Giving] (Click here!)

Now I’m going to get to work on doing some web maintenance.


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2 Responses to HAPPY HOLIDAYS – I’m BACK!

  1. Pyro says:

    Bad news. I got in some deep shit because of school. >_

  2. miltownmom says:

    I have forwarded this to one friend:)

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