INROADS and Youtube vs The Corporate World

Mon* left quite a lengthy reply to the video you’re about to see here. I actually uploaded it yesterday morning, but he sneaked a peak before I got around to posting it here. I’m going to go ahead and copy and paste his response in this post as well (I’m hoping that’s OK) as I thought he brought up some good points. First, the vid:

Mon*’s Comment

I’m not going to log onto youtube for this..


Miltown, what does a minority mean? You know I’m from Toronto and haven’t had a ’spoon fed’ lifestyle. Have had some fucked up times in my life and felt low and been low of my own wrong doing…I know people and have been there. So picture this, homie – What about the Polish, Russian, Turkish and basically many of the other Arab nations who are prodominately (sp) – caucasian? Shit…the opposite of what you’re speaking of is going on in South Africa right now and the only reason why it’s not getting recongnized is simple – White peeps be paying for past deeds, seen? Mandela? Hero? Hmmm….Maybe……….

While I love most of the stuff you post….especially your rebuttel on how people within the Black community should be fixing their own instead of relying on government funding (like WTF…DUH); I often wonder how deep the scarring goes that this shit gets this far out of hand.

Put it this way….my people (lay off…friends, folks) back home don’t think like this. It doesn’t even faze them. If your ass hasn’t paid or done the time to move up the ladder then, for the lack of a better term – fuk yah-self, roodboy.

Is it me? Do I come from a different planet? Is the States or my perception of Canada (Toronto) that bloody different?

What am I missing?

Healthy comments and advice only please but I find this overly sensitive shit the downfall of our society. This grovelling and self loathing shit HAS TO GO! Get it DONE. WORK!


Without getting into too many details minority, here in the US, basically means “non-White.” You bring up Russian, Polish, Turkish and other minorities that are indeed minorities, except for the small fact that they look Caucasian. This normally small fact is a very large one in the US. Being “legally” White in the US’s not so distant past brought about MANY privileges that were not afforded to “people of color.” Although many of the physical barriers that faced “people of color” have been broken down there still to this day exist many mental barriers that linger from the darker past.

As I said in the video. Frank C. Carr attended Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. At this time there was NO QUESTION that minorities (not-Whites) had many, very real, physical and mental barriers holding them back from being a part of the corporate world because they were non-White. Even though Russian, Polish and Turkish are also minorities, they would not have been effected by the trials and tribulation Dr. King was addressing in his speech. This program, and programs like it, were created to try to “restore balance.” And trust me, no one is being handed anything in this program. They expect TOP grades, TOP performance at the jobs, and TOP image. I think it’s cool that someone had the drive to start something like this.

If Polish, Russian or Turkish cats want to start a program like this, I think they should “Get it DONE. WORK!” 😉 With so many negative things floating around you can’t honestly have negative feelings towards such a positive program can you? I understand that you don’t want the propagation of the idea that minorities (of any kind) need hand outs, but viewed in another light, this is a program that helps people. <- period I hate to say it, but it’s true. Just being White (in the US) gives you an edge (in some games, like the corporate one.)

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6 Responses to INROADS and Youtube vs The Corporate World

  1. Mon* says:


    I have nothing against positive role models in whichever community and applaud you and many others who looks out for their friends, family and peer groups.

    I’m quite aware of the label minority. It basically stands in the same definition back home in Toronto. I was trying to point out immigrant status and being a ‘majority’ living within the community of ‘minority’. Why is it that while I have lived in some of the same inner city circles this discussion seems to be revolving around and while I’ve had ups and downs in my life (like many other people on this planet) that I still managed out ok? My skin colour? Please. In fact, regardless of skin colour this vanilla gorilla (me) and many of my friends faired fine finacially in the end with minimal damage.

    Restoring balance? Restore peace and confidence in the community is more like it. People everywhere seek the respect that they think they deserve. But where the heck do you draw the line? There are some people who demand respect where none whatsoever is deserved. Thuggish inner city behavior and mentally retarded pop culture (see:bling) is running ab-so-fuckin-lutely rampant in The West.

    Ugh more later.

    D’Mite – Read A Book, Nigga (youtube)
    Read A Book – Get Crunk about Reading (save music different visual on youtube)

  2. Mon* says:

    BTW: by moving to one LABEL onto another isn’t fixing a damn thing.

    Just got home. I need to time to organize my thoughts. Hope I’m not too off in left field at the moment.


  3. miltownkid says:

    I here what your saying. There are tons of different minority groups. There are the minorities within the majority groups. There are minorities withing the minority groups (ie black, female, midget, lesbians.) I’m not saying that being a minority makes things harder. I’m saying being a minority makes it harder for you to get that… “thing” that “it” that “drive” that makes you realize you have the power to do anything you want in this world. Being black, brown, gay, lesbian, midget, etc. won’t get in the way of anything you want to do once you grab hold of “it.” This is true for ALL people, not just minorities. I just figure minorities probably lack the “it” in higher percentages, so there are groups like these to try to install that “it” into them. I’ve seen the “read a book nigga” video (all it’s sad and funny.) The question is “How do we get mofos to start reading books, brushing teeth and taking care of kids?”

  4. James Lick says:

    I’m a ‘minority’ now being a white boy in Taiwan. If anything though, a white guy here has more opportunities than a local person, so the ‘minority’ label doesn’t really mean the same thing as ‘under-privileged’ which I think is the point Mon* was trying to make. There’s also certain to be some black ‘minorities’ who are well off enough to afford high quality education and who instill their children with the attitude for success who don’t need this kind of help but are still a ‘minority’.

    I think the most dangerous part of using the label ‘minority’ like this is that it reinforces the underlying racist stereotypes that ‘minority = under-privileged / poor / dropout / pregnant teens / gang member’. Language is important. Our thoughts are governed by the underlying meanings of the terms we use or misuse.

    Using the word ‘minority’ in this context ties it in peoples’ minds to the negative concepts used in proximity. You can think of it like a marketer or brander who wants to associate a product or brand with certain attributes. The ‘minority’ brand thus needs to be dis-associated with the negative attributes it is associated with and associated instead with positive attributes.

    “Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals. Racists believe that all individuals who share superficial physical characteristics are alike: as collectivists, racists think only in terms of groups. By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-called ‘diversity’ actually perpetuate racism. Their obsession with racial group identity is inherently racist.” — Ron Paul

    I’m not going to criticize the Inroads program for this though. It’s a much better solution than others trying to solve the same problem. Much better than affirmative action which really doesn’t directly do anything about upgrading skills, education and personal attitudes which is the foundation of any fundamental change in opportunities.

    Please don’t delete any of your old videos. You don’t have anything to be ashamed of, other than swearing too fucking much. 😉

  5. miltownmom says:

    In America, a black man running across the street in a certain neighborhood will have the cops called on him, even if he lives in that neighborhood and he’s running across the street to get a snowblower to help out a neighbor–this actually happened in Milwaukee to a professional black man. Also, a black man of any class in an airport is more likely to be viewed with suspicion than a white man, even though most of the mass shootings that occur are done by white men. I have heard that all of America isn’t like Milwaukee–I hope that’s true, but in Milwaukee, black male unemployment blows away to unemployment figures from the depression era. There is so much insidious discrimination that it’s hard for a black man to know if he’s being discriminated against because someone doesn’t like him or because he’s black. It is one of the most segregated cities in the country.

    Now, Inroads is a great program. It tries to select young people that haven’t had the same networking opportunities that someone of another class might have had. I think it could open itself up to underprivileged people of any color and exclude minorities of a class such that they don’t need help networking, but it is doing something that has helped more than one young person get ahead in life, Miltown’s brother included.

    And the youtube videos–once an employer knows you’re bipolar, that’s probably more of a problem for you than the youtube videos, but personally, I think you could go through and remove some of the more inane and offensive one’s–they reflect a level of maturity I hope you have surpassed 🙂

  6. Mon* says:

    Miltown Mom,

    Thank you for that insight and I hope that one day I can meet you.

    War Miltownkid! Rawr!

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