Video 100 Part 1 – The Beginning

Video 100 (part 1) is actually video 106. What happened is video 100 crept up on me because I had [a little incident with a cop] that had me pissed of for a while and I made a couple videos in a row about it. That kind of threw my video posting “rhythm” off. Shortly after the second cop video I got a few comments like “Hey! You’re almost at 100, are you gonna do something special” or “You should do something special for 100”

So I made a video 99 (cleverly titled [“Video 99”] where I asked people what they’d want to see for 100.) I got a bunch of suggestions and didn’t have time to really make a good 100. So for 100 I was like “Fuck that shit, I’ll do it later.” 🙂

Well, I started working on 100 yesterday. What I decided to do is show [the VERY first video I posted] and the uncut footage of the [“Death of My Xbox 360”] video. I think the uncut footage of the Xbox video is pretty decent.

Anyhow, there’s the back story. Here’s the video.

Video 100 Part 1 – The Beginning

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1 Response to Video 100 Part 1 – The Beginning

  1. Magda says:

    Youtube junkie ;).
    Happy Thanksgiving, I’m sure you’re having a great weekend, but I’ll add my good wishes to it anyway. Happy Birthday on Sunday :).
    (HAHAHAHAHAH good thing I re read that I just caught the ‘best’ typo.)

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