Way Over Due for a Post

Life was keeping me good and busy for a while. Let me do a quick recap of events.

First the pressure was on at school for a while. I really needed to get caught up in English 101. I was several essays behind and new ones were piling up every day. I finally took care of that mess 1 or two weeks ago (it’s hard to tell. πŸ˜› ) Then, right after that it was time to go through training for my new job. Then the following week was shadowing (I’m sure there’s some overlapping with those things.)

Then, a couple days I got pulled over for speeding (yeah, I was speeding) and the cop took my plates because they were my buddy Marc’s old plates. Then that same night my car got towed. Then (the next day) I had to miss school and do everything I needed to do to get the car out of the tow lot. Then (the day after that) I had to get new plates for the car. *sigh*

Well, yesterday was a good day. The computer I ordered from Dell came. I found a good deal online. It was $474 after tax (I had to pay tax because I bought it from the business site.) Came with a 19 inch widescreen monitor, my choice of Vista or XP (I took Vista), Intel Core Duo 2.2G, DVD Burner… yeah. Oh and free next day business shipping. I ordered it on Tuesday afternoon and it got to my door Friday at 12.

Anyhow, now I’m getting all situated at home for getting “work” done (blogging, editing video for Youtube, and uploading pictures.) The iBook was being a trooper and serving me well, but I never really got that comfortable with it (and it’s been running like a dog for the past few months.)

ANYHOW… Big things are in store. I’m still working (behind the scenes) on the computer lab project, my logo should be done soon and my first run of T-Shirts should be right around the corner and I have some new projects in line.

I can’t believe I’m using IE. It’s kinda sexy on Vista. Has the Google toolbar stuff all built in already. I’m sure I’ll have Firefox or Opera on this thing soon. πŸ™‚

Back on the horse!


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3 Responses to Way Over Due for a Post

  1. J3 says:

    how many gigs is the new computer? I desperately need a new one… my Gateway crapper isn’t serving me too well with all of the media I have on it 😐

  2. miltownmom says:

    Good to hear an update….finally. Hmm…that U-Pass is sounding better and better.

  3. Magda says:

    Ha I doubt you’ll be busing now that you’ve spent all that time and money fixing everything. You get the new wireless card all set up yet?

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