$90 Down, $15,910 to Go!

miltownmom hooked up a donation so that brings me close to breaking the $100 barrier :D. There are some interesting developments in the works. I’m hesitant to say much, but when I can YOU will be the first to know.

The page is working now! Check it out: [The 16 Thousand Dollar Homepage]. I’m looking forward to seeing that page full of different interesting images. I still have yet to really announce the page to anyone… I guess I better start getting on that!

Lets see what tomorrow brings…

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1 Response to $90 Down, $15,910 to Go!

  1. Magda says:

    YAY, you have almost broke the $200 barrier!
    ooh I just got all excited and wanted to ‘play again’, (promptly followed by the mental reminded that I’m a smidge broke and I might wanna calm down).


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