$0 Down $16,000 to Go…

OK, so I decided to try and raise $16,000 before October 31st. Basically, I saw this video on Tuesday:

And on that same day decided that I’m going to be a part of it. I’ve never tried anything like this, and don’t really know what I’m suppose to do to raise the funds, but that seems like 90% of the fun!

If you go to my home page at www.emkid.net you’ll see that I explain the whole thing more thoroughly there. If you have additional questions, drop’em here. I’m going to post EVERY SINGLE DAY giving an update on the status on the project. I got this one in before Friday is over.

[My Donation Page is Here,] if you’re in a generous mood. 🙂

For the full scoop on the project peep the [LitLiberation website]

Edit – August 7th, 2009:
I’m in the middle of writing a post about my current “epic fund raising” project and decided to add links to the posts that came after this one. I think it should be noted that I was going to school full-time AND working pretty much full-time (30+ hours/week) when I tried this… lol

[$40 Down, $15,960 to Go!]
[16thousanddollarhomepage.com] – (An idea I had to raise the $16,000)
[$90 Down, $15,910 to Go!]
[$260 Down, $15,740 to Go…]
[Undress miltownkid!] – Another idea I had to help raise money. I’m ALWAYS looking for a reason to running around naked! 😀
[HQ is Almost Setup]

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2 Responses to $0 Down $16,000 to Go…

  1. Magda says:

    Goodness the blog is back :). I think this is really cool, i look forward to seeing how much you raise. it would be awesome if you exceeded the amount you were aiming for.

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