Chocolate Rain by Chad Vader

I had to post this. Especially since I haven’t posted anything since the Chocolate Rain post. My mom got a kick out of that and I know she’ll like this one (and a few more of you should too.)

The First Chad Vader Video

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4 Responses to Chocolate Rain by Chad Vader

  1. dave says:

    chocolate rain is going on tour!!!
    Chocoholics rejoice! Internet phenom Tay Zonday is showering fans with “Chocolate Rain” on the road. Lick it up!

    The YouTube clip, which has been watched more than 4 million times and parodied by everyone from John Mayer to Darth Vader, has catapulted the James Earl Jones-voiced grad student to Internet — and now real-life — fame.

    This fall, Zonday will take to the road with pop partier Girl Talk and electro-weirdo Dan Deacon, reports Pitchfork. Right now, Zonday’s zigned up for the duo’s Minneapolis tour stop, but could be added to other dates. It’s a chocolate explosion!

  2. miltownmom says:

    Is that……..OUR Chad?????? Oh, and I couldn’t get the whole day manager video to run. It kept cutting out after the meeting with the boss.

  3. James Lick says:

    One of the best spoofs out there is by the man himself:

    Tay Zonday’s “Summer Break”

  4. Pyro says:

    Hahaha, that’s awesome, man.

    Oh btw, thanks for the pimp ass shoutout in your latest video. Be seeing you on Gears.

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