MTK Cribs Vol. 1

I recorded this earlier in the week. A quick run through of the crib I’m in right now. My bedroom’s finally cleaned up though (recorded it earlier in the week). There’s a graduation party today, I’ll be sure to come away from that with some good video footage.

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3 Responses to MTK Cribs Vol. 1

  1. MTK's Latina says:

    nice hon! glad to know you are getting settled in… although you REALLY need to keep up on the cleaning… (nice jeans)

  2. Luvbeers says:

    Get that xbox hooked back up! BTW, are you planning on returning to Taipei? or was that it?

  3. Vicos says:

    That’s cool, i was wondering why you’re not in the xbox live all this month lol , now i got the answer.

    Nice crib but a little more messy that yours in taiwan …. or notttt lol
    Keep it man

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