I Quit School ‘Cause of Recess

This line was in an old Snoop Dogg song (Pump Pump) but I never really understood the meaning until I saw the line in a movie with Morgan Freeman acting as a pimp or something. That’s when I got to hear the extended version of the quote which included something about being so serious about studying that recess pissed him off. So he quit.

It sounds silly, but I think there’s some truth to that. The first time I attempted college, the reason I didn’t pay any attention to any of the teachers in any of the classes (except Chinese) was two tiered.

  1. I didn’t really understand why I was going
  2. The classes were slow and boring

Basically, all the classes (except Chinese 😉 ) felt like “recess” (as in unproductive time) so I quit.

Well, I made it back over to UWM (the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) to apply as a “returning student” (aka an old ass freshman) and all went well. This time I’ll be tackling the field of economics and I think the classes will be the same “slow and boring” classes, but will be interesting and fun. Not because of any changes the school made, but because of changes from the inside.

I’m glad I didn’t trudge through school for four years and opted for the, uh… 12+ year plan. 😀 I haven’t decided if I’ll be full-time or part-time yet, but either way I’m looking forward to schooling some fools in miltownomics.

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