China Blocked Flickr

I found out the other day that a friend couldn’t see any of the photos from the [Return of the Mil Town Kid] entry. I just assumed China must have blocked all of Flickr because of some recent kicking of dust I heard about.

Today I took the time to see if China really had blocked Flickr, and… [yep].

When ever these kinds of things happen, some people get really up in arms about it. “HEY CHINA! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” or “Google, Microsoft and Yahoo should just shut down China’s access to them and see how they like it,” or something like that.

Well… China CAN do that, and I guarantee that if Google, Microsoft or Yahoo saw a profit in shutting down their sites in China, they would.

What’s better? No Flickr (in China) or restricted access Google Images in China? You can see what I chose on the post previous to this one.

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1 Response to China Blocked Flickr

  1. Magda says:

    Wow, any reasons sited for why they blocked flickr? I’m surprised it was flickr not YouTube… hmmm

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