Return of the Mil Town Kid

Like I said in the last post, made it back in one piece. Even though it’s been a few days, I’m still working on unpacking. πŸ˜› The last couple days have been good. Rolled around with the old crew hommies, drank some brew, played some games (board and video.) Quite nice. The pace of things here are scaled back a bit from Taiwan, but I think it’ll be a welcome change once I get settled in. When I’m in my apartment (I’ll hook up pics or a movie of it soon.) I just chill out. I’ll probably even watch some of the DVDs I brought back with me that I’ve never seen before (like “The One Armed Swordsman” series.)

Today there’s a BBQ in the morning and my mom is having some kind of “I DON’T FUCKING WORK ANYMORE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!” party (aka a retirement party.) These should be fun.

Here go some pics!

Me and Chad “I Love Pig BBQed Heads” V.

Me and Chad

This photo was taken with [Xshot]. This cool extender thing for taking self portraits. You can also make some pretty fun movies with it, but I’ll save that for another post. I’ll be playing with it some more later.

Miltown “Don’t Drink Too Much Beer” Mom


Here be me mom in her house on the phone.

Grandma and Louie

Granda and Louie

My Grandma’s in town doing Grandma things. I told them to just act normal. Old people are pretty good at that!

Robo “I’m Going to Get Choked Out By miltownkid Really Soon” Nutz


There’s the rubber-band ball Marc confiscated from one of his employees.


No wonder people hate their bosses. First they steal your rubber-band ball you worked so hard to make, then they dick around in the parking lot playing with their new remote control car.

The Gaming Center

The Bat Cave

I’ll be doing a lot of gaming and beer drinkery at this location. There you’ll see an Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

JOB “Thanks for the Cellphone Hook-up” NUMBER


Pawn hooked up the celly celly. Let the pimp games begin…! I mean… Now I can “GET WORK.” Because [“I NEED WORK!”]

RCE “The 28th is Dance Up on Some Womenz Time” BRNR


If rcebrnr decides to dance up on some womenz at [Summerfest] this time, it’s going on Youtube. πŸ˜€


B “I Ride Up Big Hills and Pass Out at the Top” Man



Brandon thought he looked stupid in this one (caught him off-guard) but I think it’s fly.

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5 Responses to Return of the Mil Town Kid

  1. MTK's Latina says:

    you seem to be wearing my favorite shirt! yay! πŸ™‚
    it is good to know you have finally arrived home and are safe and having fun… send me those digits hon… kisses!

  2. James Lick says:

    I see that you get your big smile from miltownmom.

  3. miltownmom says:

    Hey, you could have gotten a better shot of me!

  4. miltownkid says:

    I think that shot is FRESH!

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